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Request for Speakers at the Texas FD Facilities Conference 2023 | Aug 9-11 | Austin

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The Texas FD Facilities Conference is coming back for a third year, this time hosted by Austin FD. It promises to be a great time to learn from some of the best Texas has to offer in terms of building experts, architects, fire departments, and specialists. We are looking for speakers to help us improve on that success from last year. If interested in speaking or being on a panel, please contact or 940-231-7524 by April 28.

We are looking for:

  • An Energy/Electrical expert to discuss issues and trends in EV, Solar, Wind, and ground heating/cooling systems as it relates to fire stations.
  • Communications Companies to discuss station alerting, radios, trends, GPS / AVL interface, and new products.
  • Experts to discuss their field, supply issues, restraints, trends as it relates to fire stations:
    • Concrete (piers, slabs, tilt-wall)
    • Steel (all aspects of vertical construction, roofing, cladding)
    • HVAC (supply chain issues, technology, VFR systems, best units by room)
  • Panelists to discuss maintenance issues facing FDs:
    • Maintenance tracking software options
    • Supply ordering software options
    • Contracts with subcontractors for service
  • Speakers to discuss planning a new fire station:
    • Architect or Project Manager to discuss building methods
    • Program/Project Manager to discuss expectations from start to finish
  • Panelists for a “Nuts and Bolts” session:
    • HVAC expert to discuss managing humidity
    • Maintenance vendor to discuss scheduling routine maintenance
    • Finance expert to discuss financing options for major renovations/additions as well as new stations

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