July 13, 2021
Logistics Weekly

Did You Know that TIAPAC is launching its first-ever live-streamed event, with the TIA PAC-A-THON taking place tomorrow from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET? Throughout the complimentary live webcast event, the TIAPAC Board of Directors will discuss topics ranging from rate transparency, the effects of double brokering, personal stories, and experiences from seasoned industry professionals as well as the value TIA membership brings to their businesses. The event will also include various opportunities to hear directly from our TIA Members. Register now for this complimentary event!


Make Payments Fast and Easy
What if you could automate carrier payments, offer quick pay and automate dealing with factors? What if you could get your margin advanced on a load only when you want or need to without heavy recourse or the terms of traditional factoring or financing? And even eliminate most of your time spent following up with shippers for payment? Now you can... 
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Now is the perfect time to visit your TIA profile to ensure we have the right information about your company. Your member profile is connected to TIA's Membership Directory & Resource Guide and our Online Directory and Buyers' Guide. An up-to-date member profile helps others find your company more easily.

Why 3PLs Need to Automate Their Back-Office
Automating your complex manual invoice management process increases your competitiveness as a 3PL or freight broker. Automating with HubTran allows you to improve your relationships with carriers, eliminate errors, decrease your days to cash and reduce the amount you spend on your back office – making your business more profitable. 
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Did you know that TIA Staff handles all the logistics of Congressional meetings for those attending the 2021 TIA 3PL Policy Forum? We take care of scheduling Hill Meetings, producing and providing materials as well as meeting prep. This is your opportunity to engage directly with YOUR Members of Congress on key issues impacting freight brokers and the 3PL industry, including the Motor Carrier Safety Selection Standard, INVEST Act, and PRO Act. Learn more or register now!

It is time to reserve your booth for the TIA 2022 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition taking place April 6-9, 2022, at the San Diego Marriott Marquis Marina. This is your opportunity to exclusively connect with the TIA community. Questions? Contact meetings@tianet.org.

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Industry News and Advocacy

Do you conduct business in the state of California? Have you thought about entering this new market? If you have any business in the state, regardless of where your business is domiciled, you need to be up to speed on the newest burdensome regulation coming from the state of California; specifically from the California Air Resources Board or CARB.

Join TIA and special guest Rebecca Schenker who will speak about the emerging regulatory efforts in California. Some as backward as mandating brokers and others to report information about shipments and motor carrier compliance.

Members, you would be considered a fleet owner in the state of California. This is an absolute disaster for 3PLs as it completely blurs the lines between the relationship of two separate entities (a broker and carrier) who enter a contract to complete a project. By becoming a “fleet owner” you would have an undue responsibility for the actions of that carrier. This is from the California website:

You have to report if in 2019 your entity operated a facility in California and meets any of the following criteria:

 Any broker or entity that dispatched 50 or more vehicles over 8,500 lbs. GVWR into or throughout California, in the 2019 calendar year…

Members, join us this week on Thursday, July 15 at 12:00 PM EST. Use this link to join us.

Higher Brokerage Profits Seen With Better And Cheaper Technology
InMotion Global, Inc.
96% of TIA brokers surveyed say that adopting brokerage technology like AscendTMS, TriumphPay, TransFlo, and FourKites is quickly helping them to eliminate labor costs – and thus raise their profit margins. The brokers and 3PL’s leveraging this modern technology are also growing at a faster rate than those resisting it for a variety of reasons, including better access to shippers, better customer service, and a stickier carrier base.
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We’re excited to announce the relaunch of the Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain (PSSC) online course, which has been completely revamped with all new content and videos. Designed to address the unique characteristics of selling in the 3PL industry, this online course combines a printed text with online assignments, study guides, videos and quizzes. With the PSSC Course from TIA, you’ll become a relationships expert—and the first call carriers and shippers make. 


The 3PL Management Accelerator Program (3PLMAP) is the leading 3PL training platform for increasing revenue. This comprehensive training is geared toward both new and seasoned employees across all departments. Register today!


The newest version of Marketing Transportation Brokerage Services (MTBS) is now available! Don’t miss out on the updated content, videos, and interactive segments in this revamped course.

By investing a few hours of your time in this online self-study course, you can level-up your marketing efforts with the help of industry expert Dr. John Drea. Create a deeper understanding of the strategic marketing approaches needed to promote your 3PL.


If you have any questions, please contact the TIA Education Team at education@tianet.org.

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Member Resources

TIA's new Member Referral Program is designed to help grow TIA's membership and representation within the 3PL industry.

Each month, TIA will hold a drawing for rewards and prizes to those individuals who submitted completed referral forms for the previous month. We will also hold quarterly drawings for larger rewards and prizes, so keep the referrals coming to increase your chances of winning!


We have just updated the Member Resource Library, with a new section devoted exclusively to whitepapers TIA has produced over the years. These resources are designed to help our members gain a better understanding of issues, trends, and developments in the industry as they navigate an increasingly crowded 3PL marketplace. The Member Resource Library also includes a collection of guidelines and frameworks, contracts, legal cases, and other resources to provide TIA Members with a knowledge bank for 3PL success.

You must be logged into the TIA website to access this library. Contact a member of TIA staff at
703.299.5700 if you need assistance.

Protect shippers from threats—in real-time.
Loadsure Limited®
Relying on a carrier’s liability policy only creates a false sense of security—exceptions and limitations are the norm. Enter, Loadsure—the per-load, all-risk smart coverage that protects against acts of God, inside theft, and more—all in under a minute. With automated claims and full invoice value payments in minutes, Loadsure gives you instant peace-of-mind. Interested? We’re accepting freight broker applications for a limited time.
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