June 2, 2020
Logistics Weekly

Did You Know TIA has designated June as Member Appreciation Month? Throughout June, TIA will be sharing member testimonials, information, facts, and figures across social media highlighting the important role played by the logistics industry and TIA’s 1,800 member companies. We encourage everyone to like and share these posts with your networks, being sure to use the dedicated hashtags #3PLProud and #NationalLogisticsDay!

Member News

The Member Resource Library is a collection of guidelines and frameworks, contracts, legal cases, and other resources to provide TIA Members with a knowledge bank for 3PL success. Be sure to check out the latest additions to the library, including the recently updated Carrier Selection Framework and Framework to Combat Fraud.

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TIA has officially rescheduled the 2020 Policy Forum to September 29-30 and transferred all registrations to the new dates. Join us at the JW Marriott Washington for another year of making your voice heard. For the latest details and answers to questions regarding registrations, accommodations, and more, please visit our Policy Forum Page.

Registry Monitoring Insurance Svcs., Inc.

TIA has designated June as Member Appreciation Month, a time to recognize the out-sized – and often under-appreciated – role of the logistics industry within the greater transportation ecosystem. TIA’s month-long campaign highlighting the logistics industry will culminate in the celebration of the 2nd Annual National Logistics Day on June 28, 2020 – an annual day to recognize and appreciate the importance of the logistics industry in our global and national economies. 

Visit the National Logistics Day website to learn about the logistics industry and to find out more about the exciting promotional offers available during TIA Member Appreciation Month.

Beth Carroll and her team at Prosperio Group are collecting data for the 2019 compensation survey.

Participants who provide their compensation data will receive three-months of complimentary access to the online report. During these unprecedented times, it is vital to know what other companies are paying to avoid losing your top talent, or be left behind in your recruiting efforts when business resumes. And it will! Please Note: We have moved to an all-digital format for the Compensation Survey and will no longer produce printed versions.

What you need to do to participate:

  1. Download the excel pay file.
  2. Complete pay file and return to measureup@prosperiogroup.com
  3. Complete the company demographics survey
  4. Register your company at measure-up.net.

As always, we adhere to all DOJ rules regarding compensation surveys. The more participation we have the more valuable the tool is for everyone. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at beth.carroll@prosperiogroup.com or 815-302-1030.

Industry News and Advocacy

Please take a few minutes to review the list of TIA Member Candidates for the first half of June 2020. If you have any information as to why a candidate should not be accepted into membership, please contact TIA immediately. Opposition or inquiries must be submitted in writing. A copy of the inquiry will be sent to the TIA Member Candidate.

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If you have any questions or objections, please contact membership@tianet.org or call 703.299.5700.

In the second episode of TIA's Advocacy Insights Podcasts, we hear from TIA's Vice President of Government Affairs Chris Burroughs. Chris discusses recent conversations regarding section 371.3 of Title 49 of the code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR § 371.3). Listen to Episode 2 Today!

Brokers Seeing Higher Margins Due To Technology Investment
InMotion Global, Inc.
It now appears the evidence is overwhelming. Brokers and 3PL’s leveraging new technology are raising their margins and lowering costs faster than those that don’t. In fact, 96% of brokers now say that technology like AscendTMS, TriumphPay, Smart Capacity, and Cargo Chief’s new human-like robot called Booking Assistant are helping to quickly eliminate labor costs and raise profit margins. Moreover, the right technology, when used properly, is clearly crowning the winners in the brokerage space.
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There are many organizational models used by 3PLs, from cradle-to-grave and the “Chicago Model,” to Pod Structures. Additionally, we are at the dawn of the next new technological sea change that is going to radically change how all 3PLs operate. Whether your 3PL is primarily a technology play focusing more on the software, or you are running a traditional model, but seeing old rules change because more can be done through automation, you need to consider the roles your organization needs, the process flow between those roles, the right accountabilities for each role, and the proper compensation plans for those roles to drive the RIGHT results based on your current strategic needs. And of course, your compensation plans must be flexible enough to adapt to future changes and market swings, such as we saw between 2018 and 2019.

June 16, 18, 23 & 25 │ 2:00 - 4:00 PM ET 

Presented by Beth Carroll, Managing Principal, Prosperio Group

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Better decisions lead to increased margin capture. Incorporating TIA’s Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) into your employee development and training plans expresses an investment in your team and a service commitment to your customers. Sign up now for the Q3 CTB course that begins June 2020 with an online exam administered September, 2020. Learn More and Register Here.


"The TIA Certified Transportation Broker course was very challenging and was full of information that was new to me. I feel better suited to progress through my career with this certification and proudly would support anyone thinking of taking on this challenge to better their career knowledge."

–  Owen S., Navigator Direct, Inc.

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Tucker, TIA Education Manager, at tucker@tianet.org.

Infinity Software Solutions, Inc.
McLeod Software
TIA Services - Discounted Business Solutions

TIA is proud to serve our members by making available a New BOC-3 Process Service Program through Logistec/TTS, a premier trade organization for third-party logistics companies in North America. Logistec/TTS has been an FMCSA-registered Process Service Agency since 1993 and knows the ins-and-outs of the licensing and permitting business better than anyone, anywhere.

The FMCSA requires all transportation companies (motor carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders) to have a BOC-3 Process Service on file. The BOC-3 filing designates a transportation company's process service agent on record for every state in which they operate or have contracts. Not having a valid BOC-3 on record with the FMCSA can jeopardize your authority to operate. 

With more than 50,000 processed applications and 25+ years of industry experience, Logistec/TTS has designed a discounted program for TIA Members to support business success through their knowledgeable team of experts who will help you navigate through cumbersome state and federal registration requirements and forms to obtain and maintain your operating authority.

We know you and other TIA members are looking for tools and support to help you meet today’s business challenges. Additional information on this program can be found here or by contacting us at info@tianet.org


Your 3PL Market Report subscription includes rolling eight-quarter trends, fuel price comparisons, and allows 3PLs and industry observers to view how the industry is performing as well as compare their business to companies of a similar size. Each report also includes a summary by TIA's Chief Economist, Noël Perry. Subscribe now!

Financial management can be a challenge for any company, big or small. With the new TIA Finance 101 course, you'll be able to define key financial terms to provide information on financial matters, understand the importance of credit, receivables, payables, gross and net sales.

  • Invest a small amount of time to have a big impact on your bottom line.
  • Built by industry experts with your brokerage business in mind.

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