October 1, 2019
Logistics Weekly

Did You Know?  We are highlighting TIA members through our “TIA Member Spotlight” which is featured in TIA Logistics Weekly and other TIA channels. TIA is proud to recognize and support our membership and we would like to share your experiences in the industry with fellow TIA members. If your company is interested in being a part of a future TIA Member Spotlight, please contact Neil Humphrey at Humphrey@tianet.org.

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Exhibit at #TIA2020Con

April 1-4, Austin Tx

Don’t delay and lose that spot you want in the 2020 Exhibit Hall. The deadline for the second round of booth assignments has now passed, and booth assignments will now be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to reserve a booth today! If you have questions, contact meetings@tianet.org.

TriumphPay Repeats Demo Day 'Best in Show'
Triumph Business Capital
TriumphPay’s Jordan Graft and Melissa Forman showcased where the future of payments is headed at Transparency19 in Atlanta this May. Carriers and brokers can look forward to many new features from TriumphPay coming soon.
Watch the demo here.


Acquisitions in the 3PL World
Are you interested in acquiring, being acquired, or devising a successful exit strategy in 3PL operations? As technology enhances logistics operations, 3PL enterprises become ever more appealing to the private equity sector and strategic acquirors seeking growth. This panel will discuss the appetite in the private equity arena, for investment in the logistic sector overall and in 3PLs. The panel will review the existing marketplace, and its regulatory, legal and transactional hurdles and provide insight on why some companies choose acquisitions and other do no not.

As technology enhances logistics operations, 3PL enterprises become ever more appealing to the private equity sector and strategic acquirors seeking growth. What is the appetite in the private equity arena, for investment in the logistic sector overall, and in 3PLs? Join us for a discussion on why some companies choose acquisitions and others do not.

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 Thank you to our 2019 Technovators 

Registry Monitoring Insurance Svcs., Inc.
Industry News and Advocacy

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) has been very active on the regulatory front regarding the Overtime Rules promulgated by the Obama Administration in 2016 that would have lifted the wage ceiling to $47,476. TIA spent a lot of political capital with Members of Congress and regulators to make sure this rule was overturned. Eventually, these rules were challenged in court and ultimately overturned and effectively put on hold. On Sept. 24, 2019, the Trump Administration’s Department of Labor released their final rule that lifts the ceiling to $35,568 per year. The current salary ceiling of $23,660 has not been increased since 2004. This final rule has been applauded by business groups throughout many different business verticals and Congressional Republicans. Congressional Democrats are not happy and obviously would have preferred the Obama era rules. The increase goes into effect in 2020.

One of the hottest issues being discussed right now on Capitol Hill is the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement or USMCA. The trade agreement being dubbed “NAFTA 2.0” was signed by the three countries last year, but has not been approved by Congress yet, and uncertainty continues to surround this agreement leading folks (including myself) to ask: is this deal going to get done or is it dead on arrival?

Please take a few minutes to review the list of TIA Member Candidates for half of the month of October. If you have any information about why a candidate should not be accepted into membership, please contact TIA immediately. Opposition or inquiries must be submitted in writing within a two week period. A copy of the inquiry will be sent to the candidate.

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Questions? Contact membership@tianet.org or call 703-299-2700

All TIA members that arrange less-than-truckload or LTL freight should be aware that the National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s (NMFTA) Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) will conduct a public meeting on Oct. 22, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to consider a number of amendments to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). If approved, the changes would take effect on Jan. 4, 2020.

TIA is seeking young professionals to join our Young Executives Committee. Historically, the Young Executives Committee exclusively held an annual lunch event at the April Conference, and no formal activities ensued until the next year. But with the increasing number of young professionals joining the 3PL industry, the moment is ripe to formalize the committee and provide our members with a platform for networking and information sharing with the next generation of leaders within TIA. 

TIA has partnered with the Addiction Policy Forum, a national nonprofit, to address substance use disorders in the workplace. The partnership will allow you and your employees a confidential, app-based counseling service free of charge. We are passionate about beginning work on this initiative to help our members help employees in need.

Brokers Seeing Higher Margins Due To Technology Investment
InMotion Global, Inc.
It now appears the evidence is overwhelming. Brokers and 3PL’s leveraging new technology are raising their margins and lowering costs faster than those that don’t. In fact, 96% of brokers now say that technology like AscendTMS, TriumphPay, Smart Capacity, and Cargo Chief’s new human-like robot called Booking Assistant are helping to quickly eliminate labor costs and raise profit margins. Moreover, the right technology, when used properly, is clearly crowning the winners in the brokerage space.
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Sign up now for the CTB course that begins September 30. The online exam will be administered on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019. The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) Program is the most-widely recognized designation among 3PLs and sets you apart from your peers. Learn more and register here.

"The CTB course was challenging but rewarding. The material provided insight into many industry topics that I had encountered, but never fully understood.”    – Kenton Sprayberry, BR Williams Trucking, Inc.

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Tucker, Education Manager, at tucker@tianet.org.

In this webinar, Noël Perry will present the facts and logic surrounding the perennial topic of the truckload driver shortage. He will do so in two contrasting ways, showing, first, how demographics say that hiring drivers is getting just a little harder each year. Second, knowing that it is easy to see how a sudden surge in driver demand will outstrip the hiring process and cause tightness until the system can catch up. To hear this logic presented in its full form, to see the statistics that back it up, and what it means to the brokerage community, tune in to TIA's October webinar.

Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019
2-3 PM EST
Presented by Noël Perry

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Infinity Software Solutions, Inc.
TIA Services - Discounted Business Solutions

The Member Resource Library is a collection of guidelines and frameworks, contracts, legal cases and other resources to provide TIA Members with a knowledge bank for 3PL success.

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Do More Business. Take Less Risks.
Euler Hermes
There's a lot of uncertainty in the Transportation Industry. That's why Ardwin Freight, OTR Transportation, and 55,000 other businesses leverage Euler Hermes’ proprietary credit risk data. Learn how our data and risk experts can help you feel secure in extending more credit to current customers, or pursuing new customers that may have otherwise seemed too risky.
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