August 15, 2018
Logistics Weekly
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Member News

Total Quality Logistics (TQL) has been awarded the “Best in Cargo Security” Award for 2017 in the Larger Broker/Intermediary Category by CargoNet for its cargo theft prevention efforts. This is TQL’s second time receiving this award.

CargoNet helps prevent cargo theft and improves recovery rates through secure and controlled information sharing among theft victims, their business partners and law enforcement officials. CargoNet uses a national database and information-sharing system managed by crime analysts and subject-matter experts.

“We’re very pleased to recognize TQL’s security efforts by selecting it as a ‘Best in Cargo Security’ winner,” said Ryan Shepherd, general manager, CargoNet. “TQL clearly understands the importance of cargo security and continually applies the appropriate resources to protect its customers’ freight. We are proud to recognize these efforts and grateful for their continued support.”

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Aljex Software, Inc.
DAT Solutions

Budgeting for 2019 events? Don’t wait and accidentally be one of those exhibitors who gets left out. Reserve your space today to guarantee you have a spot at the 2019 TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition, the only show designed for 3PLs.

All booth applications will be accepted on-line for 2019 with payments via credit card. Please be sure to apply early. We anticipate booth space to sell out quickly again for 2019.

Register for your 2019 TIA Conference Booth/Kiosk, view the Floor Plan and review other pertinent information at

Important Dates:

  • After September 14, 2018 – Booths will be assigned on a space-available, first-come, first-served basis.
  • October 2, 2018 - Final payment due. No refunds will be made after October 2, 2018.

Please contact Valerie Sumner:

TriumphPay Carrier Payments Demo named ‘Best in Show’
Triumph Business Capital
TriumphPay showcased the future of payments in the logistics industry at Transparency18, a logistics industry-focused conference, which drew hundreds to Atlanta in May. Triumph’s Jordan Graft and John Shields demonstrated how blockchain and shared ledgers will transform carrier payments.
Watch the short demo here.

TIA has secured a limited number of hotel rooms at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort and Spa, featuring contemporary decor, deluxe amenities, and stunning views. Nearby hiking trails will allow you to explore the natural desert setting and surrounding mountains. The nightly room rate is $239. 

Hotel rooms are filling up quickly. In order to reserve your room and receive the discounted rate, you must first register for 3PL Technovations. Register today.

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EKA Solutions, Inc.

Multimodal Americas is a new event for the North American Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation industries launched on the back of the established and successful Multimodal UK which is renowned for successfully bringing together shippers and cargo owners with suppliers who can help them improve their supply chain efficiencies.

  • Sept. 9-12: Houston, TX - TMW User Conference
  • Sept. 11-14: Indianapolis, IN - FTR Transportation Conference
  • Sept. 11-12: Chicago, IL - North American Supply Chain Executive Summit
  • Sept. 12-14: Cleveland, OH - International Factoring Association Transportation Meeting
  • Sept. 16-18: Long Beach, CA - Intermodal EXPO
  • Sept. 25-26: Portland, OR - DAT User Conference
  • Sept. 30-Oct. 2: Birmingham, AL - McLeod Software User Conference
  • Oct. 16-18: Toronto, ON - Multimodal Americas
  • Nov. 6-7: Tucson, AZ - 3PL Technovations
  • April 10-13, 2019: Orlando, FL - 2019 TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition
Industry News and Advocacy

Mark Carroll is the Director of Product Strategy at Descartes MacroPoint—the largest real-time freight visibility & capacity matching network in the North America—so naturally he’s into new, exciting technology and the future of software. It’s no surprise that he’s agreed to be one of the showcase presenters at this year’s 3PL Technovations in Tucson, Arizona November 6-8. Carroll is also a current member of the TIA Directors Circle.

“I’m looking forward to talking about visibility in both tracking applications and capacity applications,” he says, “I’d love for the brokers to come in and see how new technology will affect how to book and track loads.”

One new feature on the horizon? Capacity Matching.

Get a chance to meet up with Mark in Tucson at 3PL Technovations.


On August 16, the Internal Revenue Service will publish a regulation in the Federal Register clarifying the eligibility of pass-through entities (PTEs) for the full Qualified Business Interest (QBI) deduction created in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The most important part of this new regulation for TIA members is that the definition of “brokerage services” has been clearly stated to include only financial services transactions. As a result, most TIA members that are organized as S-corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and sole proprietorships will be eligible for the full QBI deduction.

On August 14, 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) released its report to Congress outlining the corrective action plan for addressing the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study on Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA). 


Succession planning is the most important change a family business will undergo. Trying to pass the family business from one generation to the next is fraught with risk. Who will run the business? How will the current generation phase out? Can the next generation work well together? Successful family businesses are those that recognize there is risk, put forth effort, instill good communication habits, and begin working early on a plan for succession.


The national average van rate slipped another few cents lower last week, to $2.18 per mile for the month to-date. The average for July was the second-highest of all time, so the downward trend in August could be a brief hiccup on the way to a new surge in rates for the fall freight season. Van rates are still nearly 23 percent higher than they were at this time last year, and a few cents higher than April and May 2018.


Has your career or business hit a road block? TIA’s Mentorship Program will match your needs with successful members in a 6-month program personally designed to help you achieve your goals. This unique program is intended to help you overcome the challenges of the highly competitive 3PL industry while also helping you increase your revenue potential.

Automate Load Tracking with Real-time Location
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3PLs are quick to sign and return the form contracts that customers provide, but either fail to ask if the customer accepts revisions to its contracts or fear that even asking the question will result in the loss of business.


Registration is now open for the CTB Online Study Course that started July 2. The course includes new updates and utilizes the 5th edition of the Foundations of Business textbook. The study course contains more than 80 hours of content, tailor-made to prepare you for the CTB Exam to be held Sept. 29.

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McLeod Software
EBE Technologies
CargoNet®, a member of the Verisk Anyalyticsfamily of companies
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