$20 in 2020: Stand Up for the 3PL Industry

On January 20, the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) will begin a new campaign to increase our political influence on Capitol Hill by educating Congress on the importance of the 3PL industry and advocating on behalf of our legislative goals, powered by small-dollar donations from employees in the 3PL industry. We are calling this the $20 in 2020 Campaign. 

TIA will seek one-time contributions of $20 from employees at all our Member companies on January 20. This will help us make an impact prior to the upcoming Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill in September and the Presidential and Congressional elections in November.

If you already donate to the PAC, we cannot thank you enough for that support. You are part of the 7% of membership that does support your political action committee, and we appreciate every single dollar you’ve given us.

Without the support of all TIA Members, it is difficult to gain the access we need to Members of Congress. In order to meet the legislative goals of the 3PL industry, we need to drastically increase the number of participating contributors, which includes garnering small-dollar donations from multiple individuals within a Member company.

We are asking all Member primary contacts to spread the word throughout your office on January 20 that a simple $20 donation can go a long way toward helping the Association achieve another legislative victory or thwarting a negative proposal that would harm our industry.

TIAPAC strengthens the 3PL industry through multiple, different verticals including:

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the TIA staff at 703.299.5700 or advocacy@tianet.org.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important request. 

TIAPAC Board of Directors