Estes Gives Employees $1 Million to Donate to Charities

Estes Express Lines is delivering some of its most important freight yet in the first weeks of 2019. Twenty checks totaling $1 million are now making their way through Estes terminals across the country to national charitable organizations, and Estes employees were able to handpick the recipients.

“This giving campaign is one way Estes can show our commitment to improving our communities and caring for our employees,” said Rob Estes, president and CEO. “We could think of no better way to start 2019 off right than by having these employee-directed donation checks as some of the first freight we ship. This is a testament to our employees’ spirit and the appreciation Estes has for them.”
Three charities received the largest amount of votes from Estes employees and well over $100,000 each: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Cancer Society, and Wounded Warrior Project. Other deserving causes receiving sizeable portions of the $1 million include Toys for Tots, Make-A-Wish and the Alzheimer’s Association. Two charities on the list hold an extra-special place in the hearts of employees: Team Estes Employee Relief Fund and the orphanages of Puerto Rico.

The $1 million donation was part of a year-long Estes Care Package to recognize as well as provide financial support and aid to employees and the communities Estes serves. In addition, the Team Estes Employee Relief Fund, which provides short-term monetary grants to Estes teammates experiencing natural or manmade disasters. Many Estes employees who cast their vote for this fund noted that they have relied on this generosity in their own lives after hurricanes or illness, and that it is precisely this “taking care of our own” approach to giving that they appreciate most about the company.

A little further from home, many Estes employees have been part of FEMA mission trips to Puerto Rico, helping orphanages rebuild after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Those team members and many others who are from the area or still have family there were thrilled to select this cause for a donation, ensuring that the rebuilding work can continue.

The $1 million donation was the fourth part of a year-long Estes Care Package consisting of four different employee-focused programs implemented quarterly in 2018: Our Thanks (a one-time cash bonus to employees), Our Future (an enhanced college scholarship program), Our Team (the creation of the Team Estes Relief Fund) and Our Heart (employee-directed charitable giving). Our Heart focuses on the caring nature of employees, who are signing the donation checks as they move through the terminals en route to their destinations.