Keep Your Cool with TIA’s Temperature Control Course

This online course is designed for individuals who need to understand the critical issues and concepts involved in moving perishable loads. It covers important topics such as industry characteristics, heat, trailer conditions, the impact of packaging and loading on perishable products, and inspections. If your company moves perishable products, you need this course!

Participants will learn the intricacies of refrigerated transport such as:

Companies with trained employees in refrigerated transport can expand or create a new line of business, increase their revenue and reduce their losses.

The cost of the course is $400 for TIA members and $525 for non-members.

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“I think it was exactly what I was looking for education-wise. This is perfect for new sales agents looking to get into the temperature-controlled market. I help train new staff that wants to expand into the perishable market and handle the cargo claims within our establishment.”

Linda Johnson
Cargo Claim support
B2B Transportation Services, Inc