2019 Capital Ideas Conference: Don’t Miss These Exciting Pre-Conference Seminars

We’ve told you about the 5k Fun Run and 2k Walk for Charity, as well as the networking opportunities for members. This week, we’d like to introduce you to a preview of the exciting seminars taking place prior to the opening of the Conference

Jim Kenny, Ph.D.


Advanced Sales Coaching: Tactics and Behaviors that Increase Face-to-Face Sales Interactions

This interactive seminar is all about enhancing your face-to-face, major account sales efforts. 3PLs are constantly challenged with the task of converting transactional business to contractual business. As shippers continue to employ more sophisticated buying strategies through technology, 3PLSs need to enhance their major account sales teams. Most of the freight 3PLs handle is acquired through phone sales. How does face-to-face selling differ from phone sales? Outside sales calls are expensive. How can you ensure that you are maximizing each call? What tactics, behaviors, questions, techniques, and tools can you employ to increase the success of these rare, but highly critical, sales calls? Join us and find out.


Joel McGinley


Psychology of Success

Learn the hidden secrets of successful execution and a structured process to ensure consistent and repeatable success. Join Joel McGinley as he presents the psychology behind consistent success. As the business coach to the 3PL and Freight Brokerage industry, Joel has coached thousands of individuals into successful performance. Come hear how you too can take control of your mind in order to get consistent and repeatable results. Joel will present how the mind works to both move and motivate us as well as shut us down. With the structured process that will be presented, you will learn how to ensure that you and your team consistently succeed in this dynamic fast-paced industry.



Beth Carroll


Using Organization Structure and Compensation to Drive a Greater Sense of Urgency

A common complaint among brokerage owners is that their employees do not have enough of a sense of urgency. There are many possible reasons for this problem, but two of the most common are poorly defined roles and poorly designed and managed compensation plans. This seminar will look at the different organization models in use by brokers that help improve role clarity, and the various pros and cons of each for different situations. It will also review the different compensation approaches (there are far more options than just a straight commission plan!) and give you ideas for different methods you can use to increase the sense of urgency among your staff and drive more profits to your bottom line.

TIA has organized these exciting pre-conference seminars on Wednesday, April 10 from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. You’ll have the opportunity to gain critical insight from industry experts and network with other 3PL leaders. The price includes breakfast and lunch. Register here.