Interim Report of the Nominating Committee

The 2018 Nominating Committee received nearly two dozen expressions of interest from members seeking to serve on the TIA Board. The Committee reviewed the applications and will work with those not nominated to find ways in which they can express their desire to serve the Association and the industry. For 2018, the Committee makes the following report to the membership. This is an interim report, because the TIA Bylaws allow members not nominated to be nominated by petition of five percent (86) of the membership. The Bylaws allow for 30 days from this initial report for this process. Ballots will be sent via email to the member primary contact on March 7, 2018 with results announced during the Opening Session of the TIA Conference.

Interim Report of the Nominating Committee:

In making its selections, the Committee utilized the following criteria: (1) the size of the company currently in the seat – the Committee seeks to maintain the balance between large, medium, and small companies on the Board; (2) TIA Conference attendance; (3) TIA committee involvement; (4) TIA Fly-In participation; (5) TIA Political Action Committee participation, but not the amount contributed; and (6) whether or not the applicant is a Certified Transportation Broker (CTB). For 2018, the Committee also sought to maintain a Canadian presence on the Board, and to nominate a member with significant international logistics experience for the International Logistics Conference.

The TIA Bylaws allow any member not nominated, but wishing to be nominated by petition of 5 percent (86) members. If you wish to be nominated by petition, please contact TIA President Bob Voltmann at 703-299-5707 or