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Transportation, Logistics and the Law for 3PLs Seminar

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Registration is now open for this year’s TIA Regional seminar in Minnesota on August 1-2, 2019. The theme of the seminar is identifying and minimizing legal and financial risks in the supply chain.    

All businesses face a certain amount of risk. This is especially true for transportation brokers. With every load, a broker is exposed to legal and financial risks in the amount of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. These risks range from having to pay the same freight bill twice, to an uninsured cargo claim, to vicarious liability for highway accidents, all in exchange for a profit margin measured in hundreds of dollars. 

The presenter, Brent Wm. Primus, is an attorney practicing in the area of transportation and supply chain matters. In 2006 he succeeded his colleague and mentor, William J. Augello, as the presenter of the “Transportation, Logistics and the Law for 3PLs” course. Since then, he has presented the course in conjunction with the TIA Annual Conference or at a stand-alone Regional seminar more than 20 times.

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