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Take Advantage of TIA’s New Business Assessments

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TIA joined with TranStrategy Partners in a business alliance to provide a more robust education and services suite for TIA and its membership, starting with the launch of three new assessments available on our site:

TIA New Hire Assessment - Provides a thorough review of a candidate’s potential success based on the defined position role and responsibility. By assessing strengths, personality and communication dimensions against an ideal profile for the position, you can determine the alignment of that candidate to a successful model for achievement.

TIA Performance Predictor Assessment - Compares your employee against ideal profiles of others who have found success across primary 3PL roles in Sales, Operations and Administration, then identifies potential personality and communication gaps of those individuals.

TIA Leadership Profile Assessment - Reviews your new and seasoned managers along entrepreneurial, leadership and communication dimensions to provide a holistic view of their leadership styles and how they best work in three directions – with their team, with their colleagues and with their own leaders.

Learn more about how TIA Business Services can help you grow your company on our new page.


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