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Conference Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Jim Kenny

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    Dr. Jim Kenny teaches and researches in the areas of strategic marketing, professional selling and sales management at Western Illinois University. During his 18 years at WIU, he has been nominated for Teacher of the Year 12 times and won twice. Additionally, he has won two Faculty Excellence awards. He has published and presented dozens of papers in the areas of strategic marketing planning, transportation brokerage, and professional selling.

What: “Advanced Sales Coaching: Tactics and Behaviors that Increase Face-to-Face Sales Interactions”
When: Wednesday April 10, 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Where: Java Sea 1

Why You Should Attend: “This is a pre-conference seminar,” he says. “There’s a big shift in technology and its impact on face-to-face selling. The time it takes to get a face-to-face meeting is very expensive. You need an agenda to get action.”

3PL’s are constantly challenged with the task of converting transactional business to contractual business. As shippers continue to employ more sophisticated buying strategies through technology, 3PL's need to enhance their major account sales teams. Most of the freight 3PLs handle is acquired through phone sales. This seminar, hosted by Dr. Jim Kenny, is all about major account selling. The face-to-face sales call. How does face-to-face selling differ from phone sales? Outside sales calls are expensive, how can you insure that you are maximizing each call? What tactics, behaviors, questions, techniques, and tools can you employ to increase the success of these rare, but highly critical, sales calls? This interactive seminar is all about enhancing your face-to-face major account sales efforts!


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