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TIA Members Are Making a Difference

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As the U.S. Senate continues to work towards passing its own version of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act, TIA members and staff continue to focus on ensuring the National Hiring Standard provision is kept in the FAA Reauthorization bill when it reaches the President’s desk.

TIAPAC, TIA’s political action committee, is one tool that’s making a real impact with elected officials. In 2018 alone:

  • TIA has 16 first-time donors;
  • Representatives from 75 TIA member companies have donated to TIAPAC; and
  • TIAPAC has an average individual contribution of $1,000.

What do all these metrics mean for TIA and the 3PL industry? While representatives from 75 member companies donating may seem like a lot, it is only four percent of the total membership.

A PAC is by far one of the most powerful tools an association has available to build successful relationships with elected officials. A strong TIAPAC presence demonstrates to members of Congress the voice and clout that TIA members and the 3PL Industry have on the economy.

TIA’s opponents are spending large sums of money to halt TIA’s efforts to push the National Hiring Standard across the finish line. Support your business and industry by supporting TIAPAC. Your generous donation will enable TIA to continue fighting for you in the halls of Congress.

To donate, text TIAPAC to 243725.

Thank you for the support.

Sue Spero, CTB Bryce Wells
TIAPAC Chairwoman TIAPAC Vice Chairman

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