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U.S. Rep. Shuster Releases Blueprint to Improve Nation's Infrastructure

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Last week, U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA), Chairman of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, introduced a discussion draft intended to further the national conversation about the current state of America’s infrastructure. It also highlights some of the major roadblocks to funding and improving the nation’s infrastructure network.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) will go insolvent in 2020, and it will see a cumulative shortfall of more than $160 billion by third quarter 2028.

Rep. Shuster’s draft calls for the establishment of a Highway Trust Fund Commission. The Commission will be charged with reporting back to Congress on its recommendations for achieving the long-term solvency of the HTF and the corresponding legislation needed to achieve that goal.

Additionally, the draft establishes a national, volunteer-based pilot program for per-mile user fees to demonstrate whether this could replace the existing gasoline and diesel taxes. Furthermore, the draft increases the federal taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel by 15 cents per gallon and 20 cents per gallon, respectively. These increases are phased in over a period of three calendar years. Once the phase in is complete, the new user fees are indexed to inflation. On September 30, 2028, the rates for these user fees become zero.

The draft reflects the views and input from members of Congress from both sides of the aisle as well the broad stakeholder community. There are several other provisions in the draft, which can be viewed within the section-by-section analysis distributed by Rep. Shuster. Click here for the analysis.

With infrastructure serving as the backbone of the U.S. economy, the economy suffers due to lack of investment because every facet of our nation’s economy relies on our infrastructure system. The U.S. needs a modern, efficient infrastructure to remain globally competitive.

“TIA commends Chairman Shuster and the other Members of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee for starting the conversation on improving and modernizing our nation’s infrastructure. The only way to provide long-term solvency and success for our nation’s infrastructure is to put party politics aside and come together and look at all the options available,” stated TIA Senior Director of Government Affairs Chris Burroughs.

If you have any questions, please contact TIA Advocacy at advocacy@tianet.org or 703-299-5700.


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