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May 2020
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 AONL joins seven other nursing organizations in endorsing a collaborative effort to propose and support academic-practice partnerships between health care facilities and pre-licensure registered nursing (RN) and practical/vocational nursing (PN/VN) programs across the country during the COVID-19 crisis.
Cybersecurity is always a concern. COVID-19 has brought a new wave of hackers and cybercriminals who seek great opportunity in crises. Hackers hope distracted workers will open what might be otherwise a suspicious email, click on malicious links related to COVID-19 or respond to a nurse-friendly text. The FBI reports that cyber criminals are engaging in phishing campaigns aimed toward first responders.
Linked is an article from the Journal of Nursing Regulation, Jan. 2020, “Cybersecurity: Nurses on the front Line of Prevention and Education,” by Jessica Kamerer and Donna McDermott.
Editorial from Jamie Brennan, MSN, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC, TONL

Healthcare is an ever-changing environment that rarely sees downtime. Throughout a pandemic, the definition of “change” has reached levels that I never thought I would experience in my career. As a Director of Nursing, the everyday stress of managing chaos was thrown out the window at the beginning of our COVID-19 crisis and the struggle to manage pressure on nurse managers has increased immensely. So, how do we manage it?
As nurse leaders’ transition through 2020, amid the adversity of a COVID-19 Pandemic, each one is affected personally, professionally and economically. 

Despite the disaster, we are witnessing resilience, with an incredible response by nursing leaders, nurses at the front line, nurses behind the front line, and a wide variety of health care workers who are supporting and protecting patients as well as essential staff.

Resilience is a reason we will not only survive the Covid-19 storm, we will thrive once the storm passes. 

Looking back into TONL Files – is “Take # 2” on an article published in TONE Monthly, July 2018.
Vice-President and Associate Chief Nursing Officer, University Health System
Believed to have originated in North America, care bundles are described as groups of evidence-based practice interventions aimed at improving patient outcome (Fullbrook & Mooney, 2003). The bundles, composed of three to five evidence-based practices, provide structure in implementing consistent care processes aimed at the highest quality of care (Clarkson, 2013; Resar et al., 2005). Care bundles aim to improve standard of care and patient outcome through the consistent implementation of a group of evidence-based interventions (Camporota & Brett, 2011, p. 159).

Elizabeth Mass is a new member of TONL, an emerging leader of nursing, graduating with her MSN in Nursing Administration in May. Currently, Elizabeth is in New York, caring for COVID-19 patients providing support to patients and for nurses at the front-line of the Coronavirus Pandemic. She states, “I am looking forward to the experience and how I will be able to apply it to practice/leadership once home.”

Elizabeth has been a nurse in the Houston area for 28 years. Her career began in the Hermann Burn Center followed by Emergency Department specialty for more than two decades. Prior to nursing school, she was a volunteer firefighter and EMT-I. She states, “The journey has been wonderful and interesting! It has also been punctuated by degrees, most recently the MSN, Admin from UTA.

Nursing Leadership
Experts offer their advice to those who aspire to move into an executive role within their health care organization.
The stress and demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to nurse burnout.
Reducing workplace violence and bullying depends in part on nurses calling out unacceptable behavior.
Dr. Marion Broome discusses what makes a leader transformational and how to cultivate leadership skills.
Practice and Patient Care
The roles and responsibilities of hospice and palliative care nurses have evolved over time.
Heath Care Finance
New research indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic could have long-lasting effects on consumers' relationship to healthcare.
Education and Events
TONL is pleased to announce the implementation of a new exclusive member benefit, TONL Forums. This new benefit is in a pilot phase to determine if this will be of benefit to TONL members. As a part of the TONL Website two forums have been established for member use. The forums include one specifically dedicated to COVID-19 and one dedicated to general topics of interest to TONL members thru July 15th. The pilot will then be evaluated for continuation.

TONL has established basic rules and guidelines for participation based on those used by AONL.

TONL members have extensive experience and knowledge to share. The TONL Forums provide an additional means of sharing that knowledge and experience while networking with other TONL members from across the state.

The forums are available to TONL members only and you must log in to the TONL website to be able to access the forums. If you need assistance with your login information, please reach out to TONL at and we will be happy to assist.

We'd appreciate any feedback you would like to provide on the forums. Please email us at to share your feedback.

Thank you,

TONL Communications Committee
In this Year of the Nurse 2020 and in the midst of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, TONL would like to recognize the heroes making a difference in your organizations. These heroes demonstrate selfless dedication and commitment to their profession in the most difficult of circumstances. Please take a moment to celebrate the heroes in your organization.
You can nominate yourself or other individuals and/or groups from your organization (or those outside of it).
TONL Heroes will be recognized in the TONL Newsletter, on the TONL Website and on Social Media. 
Thank you for all you are doing on the front lines of the COVID-19 response!     
Public Policy
Health Leaders
While many states have moved to ease restrictions on nurse practitioners, California remains a hold-out.
Members in the News
A nurse at the University of Texas Health System has begun helping to produce masks for her colleagues.
Healthcare Industry
April 27 to May 4 is Transplant Nurses Week.