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May 2019
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TERCAP (Taxonomy of Error, Root Cause Analysis and Practice-Responsibility) is a national nursing adverse event database created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) designed to collect nursing practice breakdown data from boards of nursing.
By Nelson Tuazon, DNP, DBA, RN, NEA-BC, CENP, CPHQ, FNAP, FACHE, vice president and associate chief nursing officer, University Health System, and president, South Central Texas Organization of Nurse Executives
More than a decade ago, Triple Aim appeared in the literature through the work of three healthcare leaders whose focus on healthcare improvement centered around three areas: improved care, improved health of populations and reduced healthcare cost (Berwick, Nolan, & Whittington, 2008). Healthcare organizations have adopted these aims to develop strategies for efficient, effective and sustainable delivery of healthcare services (Mery, Majumder, Brown, & Dobrow, 2017; Obucina et al., 2018). The impetus for the drive toward healthcare improvement resulted from the displeasure and frustrations with poor health outcomes and the spiraling costs of healthcare. Leaders from the provider side, consumers, regulators, policymakers and academicians responded to the call to action of triple aim. In 2010, the framework of triple aim was interwoven into the fabric of the U.S. healthcare delivery system in response to the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Curricula for educating health professionals adopted the triple aim framework to keep pace with the rapid changes in healthcare (Paterson, Fair, Cashman, Evans, & Garr, 2015). As the largest group of healthcare professionals, nurses have become key players in the delivery of safe, effective, efficient and patient-centered care.
American Sentinel University
Nursing Leadership
By Paula J. Webb, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL
As the field of nursing leadership evolves, so does AONE. As the professional organization for all nurse leaders, we represent a diverse community, working across the care continuum. To more fully represent those we serve and to continue our mission of shaping healthcare through innovative and expert nursing leadership, I’m thrilled to share the new name of our organization: The American Organization for Nursing Leadership.
A master’s degree in nursing is one of the biggest requirements to reach most advanced nursing positions. The pursuit of the degree requires a large investment of time, money and effort, so it’s important to research the pros and cons to be sure it’s necessary for your goals.
USA Today
As complex and chronic health conditions soar among children, full-time school nurses remain hard to find. School-based health clinics are an appealing option, but school nurses and the parents who rely on them say the clinics are not enough, arguing that more nurses and mental health professional are needed.
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Practice and Patient Care
NBC News
Melody Butler, founder of Nurses Who Vaccinate, says it’s important for nurses for medical professionals to spread the word that vaccines are safe and effective. Butler is a registered nurse and infection preventionist at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in Long Island, New York.
Becker’s Hospital Review
A Miami critical care nurse and a wound ostomy team in Iowa City are the recipients of this year's awards for extraordinary, compassionate care presented by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the DAISY foundation. The awards will be presented at the IHI Patient Safety Congress May 15-17 in Houston.
Cannabis can be a life-changing remedy for older adults suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia, but finding the right dose and delivery method can be daunting. Nurses who specialize in cannabis medicine are increasingly stepping in to help senior navigate that path.
Oncology Nurse Advisor
According to findings presented at the Oncology Nursing Society 44th Annual Congress, a comprehensive clinical orientation using evidence-based nurse residency program curriculum and rotations in various ambulatory services can improve new graduate nurse satisfaction, learning experience and retention rates.
Education and Events
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Public Policy
American Academy of Nursing
On April 15, the American Academy of Nursing released a policy brief calling for an end to criminal prosecution and punitive civil actions against pregnant and parenting women based solely on their substance use in favor of a public health response.
Members in the News
Four TONE members were named AONE (now AONL) fellows in February: Bob Dent, Cole Edmonson, David Marshall, Paula Webb and Patricia Yoder-Wise.
Healthcare Industry
Fast Company
A nurse practitioner talks about the gender pay gap in nursing and what she has learned about negotiating and advocating for herself.
Hospitalized patients in some rooms at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles now have the option of using an Alexa platform named Aiva to make hands-free requests for medications, television programming, meal options and more.