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May 2022
Mining is a key economic activity that has evolved over the space of many thousands of years into the high-tech industry that exists today. Take a look at how mining has changed over time and the technologies that are driving mining progress in a rapidly changing world.
TMRA was presented with the IMCC Education Award on May 3. TMRA’s Executive Director, Ches Blevins, stands with Railroad Commissioners Wayne Christian (Chairman), Christi Craddick and Jim Wright, along with SMRD Director Brent Elliott.
ROMCO Equipment Company
Waukesha-Pearce Industries, LLC
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Socialsuite specializes in helping Junior Mining Companies succeed at ESG disclosure. They know that ESG can be difficult to navigate, which is why they created "ESG Go" – to simplify it. The Socialsuite ESG platform is built upon the collective standards of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Readymade templates allow companies to show immediate results without wasting their time. Baseline Dashboard info can then be put right into quarterly reports and on websites. Socialsuite ESG is simple to initiate, and affordable.
Industry News
The grid reliability crisis continues to deepen and spread. Warnings about capacity shortfalls and blackouts are so frequent and ubiquitous they are as regular as a utility bill. The loss of coal generation and the value it provides during peak summer and winter demand when natural gas can be hard to come by desperately needs reinforcing.
The White House is making moves intended to speed up environmental reviews and permitting for infrastructure projects under pressure from industry and lawmakers in both parties to enable faster approvals. Many Republican lawmakers support permitting reform but have come out against the White House’s NEPA reforms in particular.
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You can Sponsor A Teacher anytime during the year. This Sponsor A Teacher program gives all members/companies an opportunity to support TMRA’s successful teacher education program. A contribution of $1,500 will sponsor one teacher for a workshop that covers teaching materials, meals, lodging, etc. This is your chance to promote our industry by sponsoring a teacher! To learn more, click below.
Mine rescue contests are designed to sharpen the skills and test the knowledge of team members who might be faced one day with potential mining emergencies. Each team has to solve hypothetical problems and challenges while being timed and observed by judges. Click below to find a list of mine rescue contests coming up over the next few months on the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) website.
RRC’s commissioners awarded Caddo Creek Resources’ Marshall Mine with the 2022 Texas Coal Mining Reclamation Award for its work toward returning the area back to its natural state. Caddo Creek Resources transformed the East Texas mine from full operation to complete reclamation in less than 18 months.
Recruitment and Hiring
The International Day of Women in Mining 2022 will celebrate women’s perseverance, contributions, talent and spirit. It will be a day to bring light to the advancements achieved and the opportunities available for the industry to continue to become sustainable, diverse and inclusive. Learn more about how to participate below.
Legislative Update
President Joe Biden is turning to a Cold War-era law to boost production of lithium and other minerals used to power electric vehicles, but experts say the move by itself is unlikely to ensure the robust domestic mining Biden seeks as he promotes cleaner energy sources.
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