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January 2022
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TMRA offers summer workshops free to educators during the summer. These 5-day workshops provide science-based information to help educate students about the availability, importance, development and use of our natural resources while protecting our environment.

June 5-10, North American Coal's Sabine Mine – near Longview, TX
June 19-24, San Miguel Mine – near San Antonio, TX
​July 17-22 – Corpus Christi, TX
Industrial Minerals
July 10-15 – San Antonio, TX
ROMCO Equipment Company
Waukesha-Pearce Industries, LLC
Industry News
It’s a new year and the mining industry can anticipate new growth in the months ahead as the demand for minerals-intensive technologies and materials tests the speed and scale of the global minerals supply. Now more than ever, the strength of U.S. minerals supply chains will dictate our ability to take on the climate challenge, deploy battery-powered transportation, rebuild infrastructure and connect online.
As a cold blast approaches Texas, regulators are still trying to get their arms around the size and extent of the freeze that disrupted natural gas supplies almost three weeks ago. A group established to help prevent a repeat of February 2021’s deadly blackouts, the Texas Energy Reliability Council, sought details this week from power generators and natural gas companies regarding supply issues during the Jan. 1 weekend storm.
For all the talk about the demise of coal, it’s important to note that coal generated 35% of the world’s electricity in 2020, more than any other fuel. Even in the U.S., coal was expected to generate 23% of the nation’s electricity in 2021—up from 19% in 2020.
In an interview with the Washington Examiner our underlying message was that the nation’s coal fleet has an important role to play as part of a diverse energy grid. An all-the-above approach to energy allows grid operators to rely on some energy sources when others are too expensive or not available.
The climate crisis has shown that it is imperative to move away from carbon-emitting sources of energy, including coal. Now, areas across the U.S. are facing the closure of coal plants that have economically sustained the surrounding communities. Nuclear energy, which has zero operating emissions, can play a key role in giving these plants a second, carbon-free life, while providing jobs at the same time.
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Regulatory Update
To bolster U.S. mining and manufacturing, the permitting process urgently needs reform. A major mining project on federal lands may be subject to 30 or more local, state, and federal regulations. Many are overlapping and unnecessary. Burdensome regulations limit the supply of minerals and metals needed for energy, military, and automotive technologies and discourage investment in new mines.
In the January edition of CORESafety TV — the online video program from the National Mining Association — see an overview summary of five important safety topics over the last 12 months.

Safety Topics
Ladder Safety
Drones in Coal Mines
The new ErgoMine 2.0 app
The Safety Session at MINExpo International 2021
Sentinels of Safety Winners
Ongoing RRC site visits to natural gas facilities show that significant progress has been made by Texas facilities to supply the fuel in emergency weather conditions. As the recent freezing weather at the end of December demonstrated, much needed quantities of natural gas did flow to electric generating power plants and into people’s homes for heating.
Legislative Update
U.S. coal generation came roaring back last year, rebounding 17% from 2020 and grabbing market share from higher priced natural gas. The U.S. coal fleet is proving to be an invaluable price shock absorber amid energy-driven inflation here at home and coal is also an equally important missing price shock absorber in Europe
We can reconcile the world’s thirst for affordable, reliable energy, and address environmental concerns, with Net-Negative CO2 Coal Technology. Net-Negative CO2 Coal Technology involves retrofitting existing coal plants with CCUS (carbon capture, storage and utilization) and using a coal/biomass blend as fuel. This converts existing coal plants, which are otherwise CO2 emitters and frequently targeted for premature retirement, into coal plants with net-negative CO2 emissions.
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