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October 2021
The U.S. Energy Information Administration October short-term energy outlook is now available, and it includes a winter fuels outlook. Click below to read the full report.
The winter storm shouldn’t have been a big deal for Texans. Just go home, turn on the heat, and hunker down, right? Instead, the energy state ran out of energy, shocking the nation. Life:Powered Director Jason Isaac joined PragerU to unpack how the Texas blackouts happened and what they mean for the rest of the country. Click below to watch the video.
Americans are alarmed over the rising cost of energy. American consumers need reliability and they must have affordability – a chair they can afford to sit in. As policymakers grapple with the energy crisis and look for lessons learned, it’s clear that the need for caution – the need for a thoughtful, responsible approach – in the energy transition is critically important. Chaos and policy-induced energy poverty can’t be the path forward.
The word "transition" suggests a measured, thoughtful change, not a jump cut. That’s why the energy "transition" proposed in the reconciliation package doesn’t feel like a transition at all. It’s an upending of the nation’s energy mix and the jobs that support millions of families. As the global energy crisis deepens, it’s increasingly clear that a responsible transition that doesn’t jeopardize energy affordability and reliability requires careful planning.
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Industry News
The United States faces a troubling scenario when it comes to the supply chain for critical minerals. Rapidly increasing demand, under-developed national resources, intense international competition, and years of neglect in this issue area place the U.S. at a distinct disadvantage vis-à-vis China in securing access to the metals and Rare Earth Elements that are vital for the energy transition and for geopolitical ambitions. The United States must take a number of key steps to make the critical minerals supply chain more resilient.
The US Department of Defense has said that America and its allies should mine and process more rare earths to ensure sufficient global supply of the strategic metals for both military and commercial purposes. The remarks highlight the Pentagon’s increasing interest in public-private mining partnerships to counter China’s status as the world’s largest producer of rare earths — a group of 17 minerals used to manufacture specialized magnets for weaponry and electric vehicles.
While the Railroad Commission of Texas continues implementing legislation to help fortify the state’s energy supply for weather emergencies, the agency is taking steps to get ahead of the game. As we come off the summer season, the Commission issued a Notice to Operators asking gas facility and gas pipeline facility operators to take all necessary actions as they prepare to operate during winter season 2021-2022.
Senate Bill 3 states the Railroad Commission of Texas shall require gas supply chain facilities and gas pipeline facilities, respectively, to "implement measures to prepare to operate during a weather emergency." Operators of gas supply chain facilities and gas pipeline facilities under the Commission’s jurisdiction are expected to take all necessary measures to prepare to operate in extreme weather conditions during the winter season of 2021-2022. To view the full notice, click below to visit the Commission’s website.
The 2021 TMRA Annual Meeting was a great event, with many takeaways. Click below to learn more and view photos.
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Regulatory Update
Nearly every sector of the economy continues to face supply chain challenges forcing some retailers to place purchase limits on products or to raise prices altogether. In this environment, reason would suggest action to rebuild our domestic supply chains and focus on job creation, however leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are doing just the opposite. The House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee is proposing punitive new taxes and fees on domestic mining operations that will jeopardize the viability of American mining.
Recruitment and Hiring
Coal companies are struggling to hire miners. Click below to watch FOX Business' Connell McShane with more on this important tropic.
Legislative Update
The Biden administration has announced that it would complete a major environmental analysis of mining near Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a natural preserve that is the subject of a tug of war between Democratic and Republican administrations. The new application for a "mineral withdrawal," which launched the study, reversed a decision by Trump officials to ease the way for a mining company’s plan to build a copper and nickel mine.
The WV Public Service Commission has ruled to approve AEP’s request to comply with federally mandated environmental requirements at the John Amos, Mountaineer and Mitchell coal-fired power plants, which keeps them operational through at least 2040. This positive result retains thousands of jobs at the power plants, maintains significant sources of state and local tax revenue, keeps the local communities around these facilities vibrant, and sustains the coal mines, miners and hundreds of associated vendors that supply these plants with fuel.
Now, more than ever, mining policy is energy policy. Wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles (EVs) are driving soaring demand for the minerals and metals that make these technologies possible. But the supply chains needed to deploy these technologies at the speed and scale required to take on climate challenges aren’t keeping up. With each new pledge and plan to accelerate renewable energy deployment and build the homegrown electric auto industry of tomorrow, we are financing enormous mineral demand while not building the industrial base needed to supply it.
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