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January 2021
As we move into 2021, we are seeing lots of new things happening:
• New administration;
• New COVID vaccinations;
• Maybe even some new friends & business partners!
Happy New Year! Choose safe and choose helping others! That’s my wish for ALL of us as we charge into 2021 with hope and expectations for a better year with challenges we SHOULD ALL face together! An advantage of being a bit older is that I’ve been able to get my first of two shots (Moderna). For those that haven’t, I encourage you to do so when you can. Neither Diann nor I had any bad reaction at all other than very minor soreness where we received the shot. Lasted a couple of days...just like any shot.
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Industry News
Higher natural gas prices and electricity demand are set to slow the structural decline of coal use in the European Union and the US, which both might see their coal consumption grow for the first time in nearly a decade.
Much of the relief outgoing President Donald Trump provided to the energy industry came in the form of executive orders and agency interpretations of their mandates. What one president’s administration gave in such forms can be taken away by its successor. If Biden plans to reverse Trump-era policies — and there have been many indications he does — it is likely he and key figures in his administration will begin doing so within weeks.
Our state and federal policy makers have created an environment where always available and affordable electricity for the American people has taken a back seat to the powerful, current focus on "decarbonization", which to date means shuttling in coal power plants. The trend started in the first term of President Obama with the entry of the 2010 EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding and the resulting EPA Clean Power Plan aimed squarely at US Coal. These misguided policies have been since mitigated by President Trump and his policies need to be respected and continued.
enCore Energy Corp. is pleased to announce that it has executed a Share Purchase Agreement with Westwater Resources Inc. to acquire all of Westwater’s United States uranium assets. The assets include two licensed Texas-based in-situ recovery uranium production facilities, significant given there are only eleven ISR production facilities in the United States. Other assets included are mineral exploration leases in Texas, and more than 270 square miles (180,000 acres) of deeded mineral rights in New Mexico with four projects containing significant historical resources.
We are in the process of developing a social media campaign for our Facebook and Twitter social media channels – #TheFutureIsBright – to highlight how you, a TMRA member, are supplying the power and materials that ensure a bright future as we move into 2021.
Email Christian Goff at cgoff@pureenergypr.com to learn more or to submit your photo. 
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Regulatory Update
Texas is close to finalizing a years-long effort to wrangle control of coal ash pollution from the EPA, a move that could, for a time, keep coal companies insulated from tougher rules expected from the next administration.
Wrapping up an eventful year for advanced nuclear, the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Nuclear Energy announced $20 million in awards for the third of three pathways under its Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP). The ARDP program, which the DOE officially launched on May 14, will leverage Congressionally appropriated funding to enable actual construction of advanced nuclear reactors over the near-term and mid-term under three pathways.
Mining has entered a robotics boom as developers take substantial strides in AI, use of drones, and data capture and analysis technology that will deliver safety improvements and better managed mines, says Queensland Robotics executive chairman Andrew Scott.
The mining industry has witnessed a surge in the use of autonomous vehicles to ensure continuation of operations and minimise the risk of coronavirus infection. Verdict has conducted a poll to assess whether the COVID-19 pandemic will increase investment by miners towards autonomous vehicles.
Legislative Update
Lawmakers have released a bipartisan energy bill, the first major overhaul of the nation's energy policies in over a decade. The bill encourages the innovation and adoption of advanced coal technologies. Please find the final energy and environmental policy legislation here as part of the omnibus appropriations package.
The pandemic aid and spending package signed by U.S. President Donald Trump includes more than $800 million to fund rare earths and strategic minerals research, spending that mining companies say will help counteract China’s dominance over the sector.
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