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June 2020
For very valid reasons, our focus nationally, even worldwide, for the last several months has been on personal health and safety because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our industry has been a leader in this effort to protect our workers, our families and our communities. We should be proud of this commitment and continue to act responsibly.
Groundwater restoration and closure of wellfields are some of the most important environmental compliance milestones that every U.S. uranium in situ recovery ("ISR") facility must complete following uranium production from an orebody. As with all mining, comprehensive regulatory oversight of uranium recovery operations is in place well in advance of any actual mining occurring. An integral step in the permitting process is the establishment of baseline water quality which is incorporated into each individual production permit and become the restoration goals that mining companies must achieve following mining.
These days, it seems so difficult to know truth from fiction. When I was growing up, Walter Cronkite was the god of information. If Mr. Cronkite said it on the six o’clock news, you could take it to the bank. In today’s world though, whoever speaks loudest (and by that, I mean whoever Tweets the most) must be telling the truth. And yet, way too often, that loudest voice regarding coal mining is FAKE NEWS!
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Industry News
The accelerating pace and scale of the global clean-energy transition is poised to dramatically increase demand for critical energy minerals and metals, from aluminium to zirconium, with implications not only for the resources sector, but for geopolitics.
Recycling is one often-overlooked facet of the opportunities to break China’s current overwhelming dominance of the market for rare earth elements (REEs) and their manufactured end products. With REEs having been incorporated into everything from industrial magnets to computer hard drives for decades now, there’s a huge supply of recyclable materials on offer. They could help put a serious dent in demand for newly extracted minerals, as well as the finished goods made from them, from China.
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Recently released polling data conducted by Morning Consult reveals a majority of American voters are concerned about the security of America’s supply chains. As border restraints create fissures in international supply chains, both the American public and U.S. policymakers are noticing the faults in our longstanding reliance on foreign mineral imports.
The Railroad Commission of Texas launched a statewide drone inspection team April 28, sending drones to inspect a possible leak from a well near Red Bluff Reservoir in Reeves County. The affected area could not be physically inspected because the road to the site was under water. A licensed RRC pilot launched a drone and determined a possible source of release using aerial and thermal images. The operator was contacted and sent personnel to the site by boat. The personnel took multiple samples from all over the well pad for analysis. The wellbore has been dug out and is being monitored for leakage.
Legislative Update
Following the recent introduction into Congress of the American Critical Mineral Exploration and Innovation Act, intended to modernise the federal permitting systems and improve access to minerals critical for the nation, Rich Nolan, president and CEO of the National Mining Association, has praised the bill.
The Onshoring Rare Earths Act of 2020, or ORE Act, legislation introduced by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on May 12 reaches beyond the 17 rare earth elements to include an additional four minerals and metals needed for lithium-ion batteries – cobalt, graphite, lithium and manganese.

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