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February 2019
While I’m not at all sure I HAVE some personal privilege to comment, I’m pretty sure I can get away with it. I’m in the "ask forgiveness" camp. Okay, why am I involved with TMRA? I had 10 really great experience-gaining years working for two state agencies (what is now the TCEQ and the Railroad Commission) before entering the private practice of law in 1983. I’ve had the opportunity to work with our Texas and United States mining, power and reclamation industries since I joined the Surface Mining and Reclamation Division of the Railroad Commission of Texas ("RCT" and NOT "RRC") in 1977. First in the regulatory, permitting and compliance side, while at the RCT, and then representing the industry starting shortly after entering private practice. I’m fairly sure I’ve been an active member of TMRA since around 1985.
A Sun Coast Lubricant Audit May Reduce Costs
Sun Coast Resources Inc.
In dust-laden environments, your heavy equipment is at risk for lubricant contamination that could result in down time and repair costs. If you’re unsure your lubricants are stored properly or even concerned you don’t have the right lubricants to meet OEM requirements, a Sun Coast Certified Lubrication Specialist can conduct a Lubrication Audit. Contact us to schedule today.
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ROMCO Equipment Company
Waukesha-Pearce Industries, LLC
Industry News
Most of you reading this article probably have heard the saying: "If it’s not grown, it’s mined." The title of this article might surprise you. It is not a typo.
Texas faces several challenges in replacing the electricity generated by coal with wind and solar sources alone, a study from consulting firm Wood Mackenzie found. Due to the proximity coal plants have to big electricity markets and temporal patterns of renewable energy sources, large amounts of energy storage would be required to remove coal from the electricity mix, the report said.
In navigating the challenges of 2019, five key trends will be critical for mining companies. Broader social and technology changes are arguably set to impact like never before.
The 86th Legislative Session commenced on Jan. 8, followed by the inauguration of Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) was unanimously elected Speaker of the House.

Legislative Committee Assignments
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House Committee Assignments
Senate Committee Assignments

Komatsu Mining
Meet the Teacher
Juan (Danny) Manriquez
Dual Language 5th Grade Teacher
Rosemont Elementary School
Dallas ISD
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Regulatory Update
The Public Utility Commission of Texas called Thursday for reforms in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to enhance market efficiency while implementing a scarcity price adder more frequently, but rejected another market reform stakeholders suggested.
Experts say new technology can make an old industry safer and more productive. Mark Fawcett, a partner with IBM Global Business Services, said artificial intelligence can take some of the guesswork out out of where to look for ores, as well as making iteasier to prevent accidents before they happen.
As part of an ongoing series produced in association with Carroll Technologies examining health and safety best practice and innovation at mining and industrial sites, Todd Dawson, project manager of fatigue services at Caterpillar Inc, discusses how to mitigate fatigue-related accidents and injuries.
Almost all jobs in mining in future will require skills in science, technology, engineering and maths, says Rio Tinto’s iron ore boss Chris Salisbury. Speaking at the Minerals Week Parliamentary Dinner in Canberra last night, Mr Salisbury said so-called STEM subjects were critical, even for employees such as truck drivers, drillers and fitters who were increasingly required to work with new and autonomous technologies.
There is pressure on every industry to start changing their daily practices to help preserve the environment, the world has been hot on mining and construction in particular. As we head into 2019, the pressure is on to change everything from the drilling rig used, to the daily mine management, all to make the process much more eco-friendly.
The green revolution will not run on bamboo; instead, it will require robust supplies of minerals, some of which can be difficult to obtain, to ensure that we can effectively harness the energy we need. For example, minerals like lithium and cobalt are critical to the battery technologies that power electric vehicles and other devices. Rare earth elements (REE’s) like neodymium are key components of the magnets found in wind turbines. Even solar panels require a variety of uncommon elements. As nations increasingly move to a renewable energy economy, they will have to ensure they have the raw materials required to do so readily available.
New report flags the volatility of the macro-economic environment with trade tensions between the US and China coupled with operational uncertainty.
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