Successful 2019 for TMRA Education Program
By Robert R. Gentry
TMRA Education Committee Chairman

The TMRA Education Program had another great and very successful year in 2019. As TMRA members, we recognize the value and the branding that Teacher Workshops bring to our organization. 

The Workshops could not be possible without the generous financial support of our members and we thank you so very much for that support. 

I would like to thank our TMRA Leadership for its support that has been so important to the success of the Education Program.

Thank you!

The Workshops would not be possible without the hard work and leadership from Francye Hutchins who has made the Teacher Workshops the most sought after workshops by teachers across the state.

Thank you, Francye. 

Francye will be retiring from the Education Program this year and will be serving in a consulting role throughout the year.

However, the TMRA Education Program will be in great hands under the direction and leadership of Cheryl Allison who took over the position of Director of Education for TMRA in January of this year. She brings so much experience to the Program and I am excited about its future. 

The greatest compliment to Francye is that she has built a program that has continued to grow and improve each year under her leadership and, very importantly, she is leaving a program that Cheryl and TMRA can take into the future to meet the needs of new generations of teachers.

I also want to thank the members of our Education Committee for your support. We appreciate your vision, ideas, and input that help drive the success of the Education Program. 

We welcome any TMRA member that would like to serve on the Education Committee.

We need the ideas and feedback from ALL TMRA Members to keep the Program progressive and successful into the future.