Committee Corner

TMRA Annual Meeting: Did You Know?
By Cathy Pierce

Some TMRA members might not know this but your Annual Meeting is planned, organized, and conducted by your Planning Committee. Well, the Executive Committee may offer some input and direction….. but we do most of the work! There is no third-party company that handles this meeting. Personally, we like it this way since we offer a hands-on, personal benefit that TMRA would not see otherwise. But like any group of volunteers, we sometimes need a little boost from the organization. We are looking for ideas, suggestions, etc. Just because we’ve done something the same way for 20 years does not mean that it is the best way. If you have any suggestion, please let one of the committee members know or email Cathy Pierce at

The Planning Committee consists of the TMRA staff and contractors (Ches Blevins, Krissy Lilljedahl, Francye Hutchins, Cathy Wright, and Cathy Pierce) and member volunteers (Linda Campbell, Mary Ann Mertz, and Steve Hawkins [North American Coal – Sabine Mine], Lynn Dobbins [Buffalo Industrial Supply], Robert Gentry [ASFE Fleet Solutions], Brad Griffin and Nila Nelson [North American Coal – Caddo Creek], and Dan Metcalf [Engineering Resources]). TMRA appreciates these member companies for allowing their employees the time to work on TMRA matters.

P.S. Thanks to an exhibitor a couple of years ago, we instituted the “Exhibitor Card” which enables all attendees to visit each exhibit booth and enter a drawing. This has been very well received. Also, last year, we had several members suggest a small, pocket-size program rather than the larger one. We are exploring that possibility this year. So, your suggestions are welcomed!