Bradleys, Inc.

Bradleys, Inc. is the industry leader in electric motor repair, rewinding, load testing and maintenance services for small to ultra large AC and DC motors and generators. We are a mature organization utilizing an efficient set of processes to improve reliability and track labor efficiency for every job; guaranteeing a high value repair at a competitive price.  Now you can monitor your repair remotely through our Customer portal from your phone as it progresses through the repair process, no need to travel to observe your repair. We employ the ISO 9001:2015 structure and guidelines to manage all processes.

Bradleys offers:

• 140,000 sq. ft. State of the Art Repair Facility
• Electric motor and generator repair up to 50,000 HP
• Large, synchronous motor Preventative Maintenance/Rewind capabilities
• Largest Load Testing Capability in the U.S.A.
• Horizontal Load Testing up to 7000 HP AC at 13KV and 4500 AMP 750V DC
          Torque 65,000 lbf ft maximum, 38,000 lbf ft measured
          EEE 112 & 115 Standard Testing
• Vertical Load Testing: Two separate LT stands to accommodate:
         0-1200 RPM up to 2500 HP, 24,000 lbf ft of torque, motors weighing up to 50,000 lbs+.
         0-3600 RPM up to 2250 HP, 8000 lbf ft of torque, motors weighing up to 15,000 lbs+.
• Generator/Alternator Load Testing
• 500KVA Phenix Core Loss Testing, unlimited HP
• Vibration Analysis
• 13KV Partial Discharge Testing & Analysis
• Root Cause Failure Analysis
• 100 Ton Bridge Crane with 45' hook height
• Schenck balancing of motors up to 25,000 pounds and 82" max diameter or 130" long
• Small, Medium & Large Burnout Ovens, paint booth and blast booth accommodating up to 100,000 pounds
• 8 and 12 Ft. Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System (VPI) to eliminate field failures caused by voltage tracking: 15KV Class H Epoxy Resin and a 240C Polyester Epoxy Resin
• Faro CMM to precisely reverse engineer your parts and tolerances
• Dedicated Project Coordinators
• Certificate of Completion issued, certifying all repairs were performed to your specifications and Scope of Work.

From electric motor repair and climate-controlled storage to load testing, mining companies worldwide trust Bradleys to repair and enhance their electric motors and generators’ performance to eliminate downtime.

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25,000 HP Motor Rewind.

50,000 HP Motor on Bradleys' Bridge Crane.

Generator Load Test.

Vertical Motor Load Test.