"I’ve been a member of TMRA for over 30 years. When I joined, I thought the primary benefit would be to make sure my company’s name was recognized within the industry. Over time, I found that in addition to the business opportunities I gained for my company and myself, participation in TMRA events and activities (Environmental Committee meetings, Annual Meetings, and Support Member events) offered many other benefits and unexpected growth opportunities. Through active TMRA membership, I’ve been able to develop strong relationships with key people in the industry (operators, support members, and agency staff). Exposure to topics of interest, particularly those that are discussed during Environmental Committee meetings, has also been an important benefit. Knowledge of key technical and regulatory issues and participation in conversations among TMRA members on these topics allow me to better serve my clients. The entire TMRA team demonstrates a willingness and ability to work together toward solutions for the industry as a whole, and individuals within the association generously give their time and energy to achieve positive results – creating value for all TMRA members."
Cecilia Green

"Our organization values our involvement in TMRA because we feel it gives us an opportunity to better understand the industry we service and develop relationships. The more I understand the challenges our industry endures the better decisions I make regarding which direction I steer my company. Being involved in TMRA and attending the events also allows our company to show our support for our industry. The cost associated with being a member of TMRA is not justified by hard numbers you can see on paper. It’s justified by relationships we build with people and companies, knowledge gained from speakers and classes, and a venue to show our support for the industry. On a lighter note, the events give me an excuse to have more personal time with my customers. It’s so nice to see everyone every year and catch up. I am very thankful for the efforts put in to maintaining an organization like TMRA. I know the value it has brought my company and I appreciate it." 
Yvonne Damon