Chairman's Message by Nellie Frisbee: Service


Service is fundamental in mining; it occurs throughout the industry on a personal as well as a corporate level. It is seldom highlighted and often forgotten but if you look closely, the evidence of a culture of service is overwhelming. The evidence you will see are companies going above and beyond with reclamation, protection of threatened and endangered species and archeological documentation. Consultants and industry have provided engineering, mapping services and equipment to help a city construct a new baseball field and new lumber to repair aging bleachers. The industry provides training that encourages and enables employees to become EMS volunteers and firefighters in their communities. TMRA members also provide financial donations to EMS and fire departments.

There are many examples of support to local stock shows; employees provide labor, judge livestock, and TMRA members frequently purchase show animals. Employees are Scout leaders, collect money and supplies for families with dire financial needs: such as medical costs or have lost their homes in floods or fires. Employees coach baseball, soccer, and basketball teams and TMRA companies frequently provide shirts or equipment for the teams. TMRA members hold toy drives for Christmas and support and encourage participation in cancer walk-a-thons.

These are just a few examples that I know of personally from my years in the mining industry. There is example after amazing example of how TMRA members are good stewards of the environment as well as good neighbors in the communities they call home. I think TMRA members are a unique group with their service-oriented culture and it has been a great privilege to be a part of the group.

-- Nellie Frisbee, TMRA Chairman