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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins – Education is Key to Success

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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins – Education is Key to Success

It is pretty easy to say that “Education is Key to Success” and have folks say “Sure.” But, the real key is complete and accurate information AND getting that information out consistently and to the right audience! Our industries, Coal/Lignite, Industrial Minerals and Uranium, have a great story to tell but we have never consistently nor effectively told that story.

For many years now, here in Texas, we have had really outstanding TMRA Teacher Workshops telling our very positive but unvarnished story. Francye Hutchins paved the way and Cheryl Allison is following that path and innovating, now working closely with the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association (TACA) to strengthen our work with our Industrial Minerals (Aggregates, Lime, Rare Earth Materials) Members. Mining, energy production, construction, manufacturing and, for sure, reclamation and responsible recovery and use of our natural resources ALL presented to teachers across the state. A great story told well. More recently, TMRA has become engaged in telling those same stories through Social Media. This is harder for many of us "old timers" – but it shouldn’t be. Social media is easy to use, certainly with the help of Christian Goff and Jeannine Wheeler, so we just need to embrace and understand that this approach to Education and Outreach can be VERY effective. Social media is an easy and cost-effective way to educate thousands when face-to-face is not practicable. (Click here to read an article on this subject in this eNewsletter by Christian.)

Along this same line of educating and telling our story, you have probably seen online or read about the “ESG,” environmental, social and governance. If you were able to join us at our recent Spring Event in Tyler, TX, in association with the RMCMI, you were fortunate to hear a talk on this from Rebecca McGrew. For me, it opened my eyes to where we as industries, and WE AS TMRA, have come up short in "Telling Our Story." While it is late, it isn’t too late to do MUCH BETTER in this regard. (Click here for Rebecca’s talk.) Democrats push for companies to be more transparent and accountable on issues such as climate change, diversity efforts, and political activities. While many of us may disagree, even strongly, with the approach by this Administration in D.C., we should recognize it for what it is AND take smart steps to use ESG to tell our VERY positive story!

Considering the above, I am asking each of you to read and really consider the pieces in this eNewsletter by TMRA Education Director Cheryl Allison and TMRA Outreach Contractor Christian Goff. I’m asking you to NOT just read but to “consider” and think about what your company can do to help spread the good word and what TMRA can do to better and more effectively "Tell Our Story." WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 

Take care and thanks!

Ches Blevins,
TMRA Executive Director


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