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Sound Energy Strategy Needed

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Sound Energy Strategy Needed

By Peter Luthiger, Director of Texas Operations at Energy Fuels & TMRA Treasurer 

The Great Texas Storm of February 2021 will be talked about for years to come on quite a few front porches and in local pubs and diners (well, the few that haven’t closed up due to COVID-19 concerns); especially now when everything seems to get politicized for one reason or several others. However, one aspect that the storm exposed was the importance of having a sound energy strategy to ensure not only Texas, but the United States as a whole, has reliable and efficient energy supplies for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

Taking a ride in the “wayback machine,” former President Trump’s energy policies, in my view, resulted in the successful and simultaneous reduction of emissions, energy imports, and unemployment allowing all Americans to benefit from a booming economy. These policies relied on all energy sources with a focus on U.S. produced energy with Texas an obvious major player.

However, actions by the current Administration seem to move away from a sound energy policy. The U.S. energy train that America was riding is taking a sharp detour towards a domestic NIMBY energy policy that would only force the US to rely on imported fossil fuels which have far less regulation and oversight along with encouraging (i.e., subsidies) dependence on the more expensive renewable sources which cannot provide even close to our current energy requirements.

The recent storms drove the point home that Texans want assurances that the lights and the heat will turn on when they flip the switch. Reliable baseload energy comes from reliable fuel supplies such coal/lignite and nuclear energy and these energy sources need to remain key components in any energy strategy. Instead of pointing fingers, I would like to point out that TMRA’s lignite and uranium operations, in partnership with TMRA support members, have repeatedly demonstrated that Texas mining can safely recover Texas natural resources allowing electrical utilities to continue to provide clean, efficient, and reliable baseload energy that is necessary to keep Texas and America out of the dark and out of the cold.

TMRA’s Legislative/Government Affairs Committee is actively monitoring the potential legislative and/or regulatory actions arising in the aftermath of the storm as well as keeping a keen eye on all the other activities transpiring in the 87th Legislature to ensure that TMRA member interests are protected and promoted. I encourage all of you to participate in the numerous committees within TMRA so that your voice will be heard!


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