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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins: Women in Mining

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Executive Director's Message: Women in Mining

“Women in Mining” is our focus this month and, for sure, past due! For me and from my personal experience, Women in Mining is just “Mining.” What I mean is that my whole professional experience in our industry has been, thankfully, surrounded by great women that have worked with me, trained me, guided me and just been great partners that worked to my benefit and to the benefit of the Mining Companies for which I and they have worked. That partnership is no less important now that my focus is on TMRA’s Goals and Objectives. The key is that they are “Miners.”

In this issue you’ll have the privilege of reading the input from others about “Women in Mining.” This history, commitment and leadership by and with women makes me very proud and, for sure, THANKFUL!

Risking leaving out a number of very important Women in Mining that have been positive influences for me, I do want to briefly mention just a few who might not otherwise be recognized.

Francye Hutchins: Would TMRA even have its Texas and nationally recognized Teacher Education Program without her strength, perseverance, personality and commitment? I doubt it.

Cathy Pierce: Without her personality, commitment and, for sure, organization, trust me our Annual Meetings would just not have happened. Thankfully, before her retirement Sabine and North American Coal supported her efforts for TMRA and, again thankfully, Cathy has continued to provide her leadership since retirement.

Christian Goff: This friend of our industry has, almost single-handedly, encouraged, guided and lifted TMRA in positive ways by leading us into the Social Media arena. Pushing without being pushy is a skill she employs from which our Industries certainly benefit!

Finally Krissy Lilljedahl: While I can’t take credit for hiring Krissy as a Contractor to assist TMRA with all things Administrative, I can at least take some credit for not running her off! Trust me, and many of you know this, my administrative skills are marginal at best. What I have found I’m pretty good at is keeping myself surrounded by folks that are a step, sometimes several steps, ahead and above me where they have skills and personalities that compliment mine. Krissy is a big help in every aspect of our day-to-day TMRA activities.

Rebecca McGrew, North American Coal and a Member of our TMRA Executive Committee, has agreed to provide a piece on “Women in Mining” which is included in this issue. You’ll enjoy this history and incite provided by Rebecca. Also included are incites and perspectives on other TMRA Women in Mining that have been provided by our Members. TMRA and our industries are blessed with Outstanding Women throughout our ranks, many that I’d love to be highlighted, that certainly deserve recognition, who have not been singled out. Rest assured that your commitment, dedication, leadership and service are an integral part of what makes our Industries and TMRA important AND successful! Thanks WOMEN in Mining! 

Ches Blevins,
TMRA Executive Director


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