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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins: Education, Innovation and Outreach Are Fulltime Commitments

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Education, Innovation and Outreach are Fulltime Commitments

Our July eNewsletter theme is, I hope, both a Reminder and a way to Encourage you and those that you work for or with as we charge into the second half of 2019 and focus on where we need to be in 2020 and beyond. Our path is not easy but there is a path!

I encourage you to look to the future realistically, but also with the passion and focus required to achieve. As you do where you work, help TMRA set its goals so that it can be your Partner, in the very best way, to achieve goals and objectives consistent with your Mission and ours. I also encourage you to read this eNewsletter and those that follow. Challenge yourself and your company to actively participate in contributing to this eNewsletter and with support for our Social Media efforts. Why? Several reasons:

  • Reading our articles and industry updates keeps you better informed of our issues, challenges, successes and opportunities
  • Our Opportunities are many and can be very successful IF we work together
  • Working together means being active on our Committees, participating and supporting our Teachers, Spring Owner/Operator-Support Member event, Annual Meeting and in other areas YOU help us identify
  • Participating is a way to show your support, successes, show TMRA’s strength and, really, to highlight you, your company, your Training and Safety commitment, and your innovation

Trust me, working together, supporting each other, even where we compete, is the only way we can gain and maintain success. Our TEAM is strong, and clearly stronger with each of YOU involved!
Please once again check out online and in this issue our Calendar of Events for the remainder of 2019.  LOTS of opportunities for us to support TMRA, our Teachers and their thousands of students, and each other. We only know how and where to help if you participate and let us know. Our strength comes from YOU!

Take care, 
Ches Blevins
TMRA Executive Director


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