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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins: Spring Means New Beginnings and Growth Opportunities

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1. RMCMI-TMRA Joint Spring Event
     Hideaway, TX
     April 24-26
     (It’s NOT too late!)

2. TMRA hosted End of Legislative Session Sine Die Event
     The Long Center
     Austin, TX
     May 27

As Miners with Reclamation Expertise, and all of us supporting this industry, I think it is natural for us to always be looking to the future but with full understanding that to reach our reclamation or business goals we must carefully care for today. At the Mines and with our businesses, we must plan and then execute. We must surround ourselves with the right TEAM of honest, committed, qualified people with compatible goals and personalities. Where I worked for 24 years this last part was known affectionately as the “No a…rule.” Others said the word but, as you’d probably guess, I mostly did not! The bottom line is that really good leaders surround themselves with those types of individuals.TMRA has really outstanding Members that have vision, integrity, goals and objectives that they insist, and show by example, must be met in the right way. Our Members also “Walk the Walk”, not just talking the game but being willing to jump in and participate in all of the right ways, each with its on skills and resources. So, what does this all mean for each of us and for TMRA this Spring 2019?

To maintain and gain in strength and effectiveness we must work together at and with our Texas Legislature. Our Members working and practicing before the Railroad Commission saw a need to make the Surface Mining Division permitting process and Commission approval process more effective and efficient. TMRA has, with the support of its Members, helped initiate and is supporting legislation introduced by Sen. Hughes (SB 1088) and Rep. Paddie (HB 2498) that would move the process in the right direction. Mike Nasi, Mance Zachary and our Gov’t Affairs Committee and working to move that legislation toward our goal. Also very important to TMRA are our Members working in the Sand, Gravel, Aggregates and other Industrial Minerals areas. 

Those industries are facing a number of legislative challenges ranging from siting to permitting to transportation and pretty much everything in between. TMRA is working closely with the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association (TACA) in all of our areas where we have aligned interests. Lots of synergies where we can support TACA and they can support TMRA.

To provide support and business opportunities we must know each other and know our business needs. The best way to understand and build relationships is face-to-face. While we are all busy and budgets are always tight, a VERY cost-effective way to have these conversations is to participate in our TMRA events. Coming up is our RMCMI-TMRA joint event in Hideaway, TX. Not only will you hear from one of our Railroad Commission leaders, Commissioner Wayne Christian, but you’ll hear a State and Federal update from Mike Nasi plus a reclamation presentation from The Sabine Mine. Importantly, this event is built to be informal AND give real opportunities for Support Members and Owner/Operator Members to meet and understand opportunities to work together.

Finally, you should not miss the opportunity to attend and support our TMRA Hosted End of Session Sine Die Event! Join us out on the patio at The Long Center, overlooking Lady Bird Lake, having great food, drink, entertainment and opportunities to meet and say THANKS to State Legislators and Staff for all of their work on our behalf and that of TEXAS! As with the RMCMI-TMRA event, there are opportunities to Sponsor which we urge you to consider. Your support is absolutely needed and necessary for our success.

I and TMRA know you will step up!



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