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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins: Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM)!

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Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM)!

Our TMRA eNewsletter theme for March is “Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM).” Probably no big surprise as I almost always refer to the “TMRA TEAM,” and that’s exactly what we are and why we have been and will be successful. So long as we all keep our goals and objectives clearly in mind AND are willing to jump in and work together, our TEAM will continue to be successful. 

The above are not and can’t be just words on a page or on a screen. You, personally, and “You,” meaning your business or company, must continually commit to the idea that support and participation that works FOR Our Industries, Our Members, makes us ALL stronger, more likely to succeed. Right now, even with strong support from our Texas Legislative and Agency Leadership plus efforts at the national level to support responsible development and use of our natural resources, we simply cannot sit back and assume either “all is well” or, for that matter, that “nothing WE can do will make a difference.” Neither approach gets the job done!

Every Quarter TMRA has Committee Meetings to which all of you are invited.

Environmental/Lignite/Safety Joint Meeting, including one just held on March 6. Our TMRA Uranium Committee Meeting via phone call on the March 7 as well as our Executive Committee Meeting on March 7. Check out our Annual Calendar on the TMRA website and choose to participate with us. We certainly need the whole TEAM!

Beyond the work of our Committees is the outstanding and successful work related to our Teacher Workshops each Summer. We cover Coal/Lignite, Uranium and Industrial Minerals. Related to Industrial Minerals, we are now working closely with the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association (TACA). All of these almost week-long sessions reach our Teachers and Students with unvarnished, ACCURATE, information on the responsible way our industries handle their business in Texas. According to our Education Director, Francye Hutchins, we have now reached right at 1.75 MILLION Students. That’s both incredible and important to our work at educating our public. How can YOU be a part? Go online and Sponsor-a-Teacher! Attend one or more of the Workshops and watch, even volunteer to help as an instructor. Finally, and very important, attend our Annual Meetings and donate to the Education/Outreach Auction and/or make a purchase at that Auction. With YOUR continued support our Education and Outreach efforts can maintain, even grow in coverage and effectiveness. Our 2019 Annual Meeting will be held October 20-23 at The Galvez in Galveston, TX.

Joint Spring Event with the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute (RMCMI) to be held April 24-26 at Hideaway, TX (near Tyler): Have you signed up yet to attend and, where you can, Sponsor? Great location! Great food and drink! Great Speakers and, yes, fun GOLF for those interested. Check this out online as the Cost is VERY reasonable and there WILL be opportunities for our TMRA Support Members to meet and talk one-on-one with our Owner/Operators.

End of Legislative Session Sine Die PARTY to be held on May 27 at The Long Center, Austin, TX: Don’t miss this great opportunity to participate with Legislators and Staff, along with LOTS of others, as the Legislature ends its 140 day Session. Say “Thanks” and celebrate our successes. Tickets and Sponsorships are available NOW and WE NEED EACH of YOU to Join Us! Check out on our website at www.tmra.com or give us a call.

Thanks TEAM and Best Always!


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