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Chairman's Message by Josh Holland: "Team" Not Just A Theme

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“Team” Not Just A Theme

In TMRA and within our individual organizations TEAM is much more than just a theme, it’s our culture. We work together to support our organizations and by teaming up with TMRA we’re all able to support the mining industry. Merriam Webster defines team as “a number of persons associated together in work or activity.” In a time when using nouns as verbs has become a trendy practice it is convenient that team can be used as a noun, verb and adjective, so, no verbing required.

As with any team, better success is found when the members involved work together toward common goals. The involvement of TMRA members is vital to our mission which is simply put on the website at www.TMRA.com as promoting safety, education and environmental stewardship; responsibly mining and utilizing natural resources. The committees and events are a great way for members to get involved in working towards this mission. Please check out the event calendar on the TMRA website for information on the what, when and where of these committee meetings and events.

With this being a legislative year the TMRA Government Affairs Committee, Chaired by Mance Zachary of VISTRA Energy, is leading the charge by tracking bills relevant to our industry. Much appreciation goes to this committee for the effort they’re putting forth in promulgating TMRA’s mission as they gather support in favor of the mining industry. At the end of the Legislative Session, on May 27th, TMRA will HOST the Sine Die party at The Long Center in Austin, TX. You can be a part in saying “thanks!” by purchasing tickets and sponsorships at www.TMRA.com or by calling for more information.

TMRA is also able to team up with other associations creating a larger network within the mining industry. This year the Teacher Workshops will be able to expand their reach by joining up with the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association (TACA). This will result in more of our state’s educators receiving the positive knowledge of the responsible mining performed by TMRA and TACA members and the importance of the natural resources our society relies on. There will also be a joint event held by TMRA and the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute (RMCMI) on April 24-26 at the Hideaway Lake Club in Hideaway, TX. Please check the website for information on how to attend and sponsor.

As you’ll also see in this eNewsletter, TMRA is very happy to welcome Cheryl Allison to the TMRA team this year. She will be working closely with Francye Hutchins in the teacher workshops helping to facilitate science-based information to our educators to help educate students about the availability, importance, development and use of our natural resources while protecting our environment. She’s worked for many years in the Texas education system and it’s an honor to have her onboard.

Best to You All, and GO TEAM!

Joshua Holland
TMRA Chairman


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