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Denise Winter

Sr. Product Sales Representative
435 William Ct, Suite 100
Baltimore, Maryland 21220

p: 800-661-7922
c: 214-415-1997
e: dwinter@synagro.com
w: www.synagro.com

Synagro, one of the country's largest composters, produces and markets AllGro Compost. AllGro is a nutrient-rich source of organic matter that contains both macro and micro nutrients. AllGro is registered with the State as a Commercial Fertilizer. AllGro is used to restore land disturbed by mining and highway construction to establish vegetation, enhance agriculture production, and for erosion control. When used with sound agronomic principles, AllGro provides both immediate and long lasting benefits. AllGro improves the physical structure and biological properties of the soil by:

  • Replenishing organic matter
  • Providing slow release plant nutrients and reducing chemical fertilizers
  • Enhancing soil structure and porosity which improves soil moisture holding capacity; and
  • Helping build more friable soil which can improve tillage in compact soils

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