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Executive Director’s Message by Ches Blevins

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"Staying Positive" is a common encouragement we often hear, often tell ourselves and others. For ALL of our TMRA Members 2018 is certainly a year for Staying Positive. Our Industrial Minerals Members are busy and encouraged by the very positive overall economy. Our Uranium Members are seeing some positive movement and opportunities under the current Administration to give their industry the chance to, finally, move forward. TMRA has filed some comments in support of those positive moves. Finally, while we are all aware of the challenges facing our Coal and Lignite Miners, Mines and those utilizing these resources, this Administration has taken several actions that provide positive opportunities.

Bottom line is that we all are and should be in these efforts together, as a TEAM! We are stronger together. I and TMRA encourage you to be engaged with our Leadership, our Committees, our Support-Owner/Operator events, our Social Media, eNewsletter and other Outreach efforts and, for sure, our upcoming Annual Meeting with its Best of the Best Teacher Workshops! If you have yet to sign up to attend and sponsor where possible, don't wait another week. Help us make this, once again, an outstanding event.

Join us and THANKS!

Take care,
Ches Blevins, TMRA Executive Director


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