TAGITM Monthly
October 30, 2020
Keep the Momentum Going from the TAGITM Conference
Knight Security System®
We were so happy to see everyone in person at the TAGITM Annual Conference last week. Many of you that we spoke to are smartly looking at necessary changes to their security system as we get closer to a post-COVID world. Let's keep the conversation going! See how Knight can help you reimagine your existing technology to be ready for a full return-to-office.
Get your facility ready for the post-COVID world
President's Message
A coworker told me about an article he read last week that said IT departments spend at least 44% of their staff time doing routine work and simply keeping things running. Given the current situation, this is expected to increase substantially over the coming months. If this percentage rises to 50%, or even as high as 75%, it begs the question: When do you find the time to get anything done?
TAGITM Updates
TAGITM Membership is excited to announce two membership incentive programs. Once is a carryover from last year and the other is brand new.
Client First Consulting Group
TAGITM Features
As many of you saw via the listserv, we had some innovative colleagues in the Dallas/North Texas Area come up with the idea of a mutual aid agreement centered around IT departments. While our police/fire and other agencies we support have enjoyed the benefits of mutual aid agreements for many years, this is the first I had heard of such for IT departments. It made a lot of sense to many of us, given the continued issues we have seen, and will likely continue to see, in the last several years.
In the News
Government Technology
Introducing a new set of tools and consulting services enabling health departments and other agencies to meet vaccine demand.
Government Technology
The Midland-Odessa Transportation Alliance helps provide support for high-speed broadband infrastructure and technology.
Government Technology
The Voatz app, which has been piloted in a number of states including West Virginia, Colorado and Oregon, has now been used to cast a vote in Utah.
Security Boulevard
A House bill passed in September requiring IoT devices purchased by the government to meet minimum security requirements could create consumer market pull for higher-quality devices.
Government Technology Insider
Ideally, public sector organizations and state governments ought to be able to adopt new technologies and hire the appropriate staff quickly and easily to optimize operations, but budget and resource barriers can impede speedy adoption.
U.S. General Services Administration
Introducing 34 new leaders with technical and entrepreneurial expertise to help modernize government and deliver value for the public.