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Is your facility safe while employees are WFH?
Knight Security System
With so many people working from home this year, it's more important than ever to ensure you're protected against potential ransomware attacks. Reports of up to a 400% increase in daily cyberattacks make it vital to know who's checking your facility security while everyone is remote. The patented and award-winning KnightSentry is an innovative tool designed to ensure the health of your system while there's no one at the facility.
Learn how KnightSentry protects your facility 24/7
President's Message
Our first ever virtual conference is behind us now. It could not have gone better! I hope everyone was able to attend at least one day, but preferably all three. We had some tremendous educational sessions, great speakers, and vendor time.
TAGITM Updates
As we are moving on from TAGITM’s first ever virtual conference in early September, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on the event itself, what we learned, and what’s in store for 2021.
Client First Consulting Group
The Texas Association of Governmental Information Technology Managers, TAGITM, is an information systems professional organization that provides a forum for generating ideas, sharing problems, and developing solutions. The association's main objective is to enable cities, counties, schools, and appraisal districts within Texas to realize the full potential of automation benefits. The association currently has over 200 cities, counties, appraisal districts and school districts as part of their membership program. Click the link below for the full listing of individuals and projects receiving recognition.
TAGITM Features
Ashish Patel, CEO and Founder of Simpat Tech
Throughout my career in business and development, I’ve seen firsthand the return a software investment can generate. I’ve witnessed automated DevOps save a company from costly, embarrassing, customer-facing errors, and I’ve seen how more efficient software can be used to help small teams drive big wins.

But it wasn’t until my company, Simpat Tech, had the chance to work with the Texas Conference of Urban Counties on building a Defense portal that I truly understood the impact software can have - thanks to a man named Michael Morton.
In the News
The rapid shift to work from home has exacerbated preexisting cybersecurity staff shortages, surveys say -- at a time when attacks are on the upswing and protections for transitioning employees are needed more than ever. The solution? More aggressive recruiting, aimed especially at achieving a younger and more diverse security workforce.
There's a worker shortage in government cybersecurity, analysts say. But at the same time, entrants in the field report difficulty in finding suitable employment. Bridging the gap between these two extremes requires effort on both sides.
The Texas Department of Information Resources has partnered with the FireEye cybersecurity firm to offer affordable security services to state and local agencies -- enabling Texas government entities to efficiently strengthen their ransomware defenses.
Attack emails impersonating tech-purchase RFQ requests from the Texas Department of State Health Services recently arrived in as many as 50,000 inboxes -- highlighting the continuing need for organizations to educate employees about common phishing strategies.
Two years after announcing a new federal cybersecurity strategy, the National Security Council’s implementation plan came under criticism from the General Accounting Office (GAO) owing to weak execution. Meanwhile, the GAO also faults the State Department for not coordinating with other agencies in setting up a new cyber-diplomacy bureau.