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How Passwords Get Pillaged is No Secret
Secure Networkers, LLC
There are several different ways that passwords can be stolen, and understanding how bad actors work to gain access to your secret codes may instruct you on how and why to make your passwords harder to break. This month we share with you the not-so-secret secrets about how passwords without complexity can get pilfered.

Learn How Passwords Get Hacked
President's Message
Happy August in Texas! I hope you all are staying cool, healthy and destressed (not distressed). Things are definitely happening in the world of TAGITM.
TAGITM Updates
Will it ever end? The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have no end in sight. It will end, it just doesn’t seem like it at times. COVID-19 has impacted us all, personally and professionally, including TAGITM. As you know, the 2020 Annual Conference had to be postponed and moved to a virtual format.
Sentinel IPS
Client First Consulting Group
We are pleased to announce that Bernie Acre, Chief Information Officer, for the City of Bryan was recently appointed as a Partner to the Texas Cybersecurity Council.
In the News
Over half of the most popular desktop PDF viewer applications are vulnerable to a Shadow Attack, a technique of forging documents that relies on the concept of view layers.
The Verge
In this interview, founder and CEO of Luta Security Katie Moussouris discusses the history of bug bounty programs and how the commercialization of the practice has resulted in unintended consequences.
Your Partner for Smart City Technologies
Scientel Soluitions, LLC

Scientel is a universal integration company that offers 360° technology services supporting the dynamic and sophisticated communications, video and data management needs of clients. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our Customers, Partners, Employees and Community. Headquartered outside Chicago with additional offices across the United States, Canada and Europe; Scientel has the capabilities and experience to service international clients across the globe.

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CSO Online
In the wake of COVID-19, many organizations are making large-scale operational changes such as restructuring and closing business units. CISOs need to take these steps to ensure security is addressed properly and data is protected.
Two new security services that cater to heavily regulated and security-sensitive industries – such as the public sector and healthcare – were launched as part of Google’s Confidential Computing portfolio.
CSO Online
Research company Pulse reported in June that 23% of security budgets have been frozen and 49% have been reduced. Here are ways that CISOs can cut budgets without long-term negative effects on security.