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How Passwords Get Pillaged is No Secret
Secure Networkers, LLC
There are several different ways that passwords can be stolen, and understanding how bad actors work to gain access to your secret codes may instruct you on how and why to make your passwords harder to break. This month we share with you the not-so-secret secrets about how passwords without complexity can get pilfered.

Learn How Passwords Get Hacked
President's Message
As I began to write this article, I realized that every single one I’ve written over the last year has been done at midnight – or later. I think that’s a testament to the workload in the life of an I.T. Professional these days. I’m sure everyone reading this can relate!
Sentinel IPS
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CSO Online
The COVID-19 pandemic already has ushered in a number of changes for security professionals, and more may be on the way.
With edge computing on the rise, new models are emerging, requiring careful consideration of the potential benefits and drawbacks.
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Scientel is a universal integration company that offers 360° technology services supporting the dynamic and sophisticated communications, video and data management needs of clients. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our Customers, Partners, Employees and Community. Headquartered outside Chicago with additional offices across the United States, Canada and Europe; Scientel has the capabilities and experience to service international clients across the globe.

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Sacramento Business Journal
After a period of adjustment, many IT executives report success with regard to the new normal of large numbers of employees working from home.
Apple's upcoming move away from Intel processors could mean compatibility issues for some customized applications.
As more offices reopen, IT professionals face a new set of challenges related to employees transitioning back from working at home.