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I remember when I was a kid growing up in East Texas, at Christmas time, my mom (sometimes joking, sometimes not) would say, "...it’s going to be very slim this year, kids." As an adult, I sometimes hear my City Manager say the same thing. Rather than get bummed, I try to remember that as I.T. leaders it’s our job to use technology to make operations more efficient and create savings where none exist.
Could a Hacker Penetrate Your Network?
Secure Networkers, LLC
The only way to know if your network is hackable is to invite a hacker to put your network to the test. That is what a Penetration Test is all about.
Ethical Hacking is, in fact, another name for performing a Penetration Test. But how do you know that you need to invite someone to try to break into your network?
Furthermore, who should you trust to do this?

Is a Penetration Test Right For You?

How is your vision? Is it 20/20 without assistance? Particularly when it comes to all things IT? Vision covers a lot of things for us…Strategic Vision, the Vendor Landscape, the Cyber-threat Landscape, solutions, etc. The TAGITM Annual Conference is designed to help us all see more clearly through the myriad of challenges and tasks we face. Come join us at the San Antonio Riverwalk, April 14th-17th, and get your annual checkup. Registration is now open! Don't forget to book your hotel as well. There are still a few Sponsor Opportunities available, so if you have a vendor looking to get more involved, please point them here…We can’t offer the Annual Conference without the support of our vendors!  A huge thanks to our Diamond and Platinum Levels Sponsors.

Sentinel IPS
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TAGITM Updates
The TAGITM Marketing Committee focused heavily on increasing our social media presence, as well as marketing of our regional groups and events, and the Annual Education Conference.
Your Partner for Smart City Technologies
Scientel Soluitions, LLC

Scientel is a universal integration company that offers 360° technology services supporting the dynamic and sophisticated communications, video and data management needs of clients. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our Customers, Partners, Employees and Community. Headquartered outside Chicago with additional offices across the United States, Canada and Europe; Scientel has the capabilities and experience to service international clients across the globe.

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In the News
The Internet of Things includes a broad range of devices that can be connected to the internet. But not all of these devices are secured, and some can give hackers an easy way into the office network.
Among the top mobile security threats this year are data leakage and cryptojacking attacks.
IT World
Requirements for three of Cisco's certifications have changed as of February 24.
Experts are divided regarding the impact of 5G on the adoption of Internet of Things in enterprise applications.
IT News
Citizens Broadband Radio Service holds a number of potential benefits for enterprises.