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If I had to select a few words to describe August, my list would include the words "hot," "frantic" and stressful." August brings us within a few weeks of the end of most of our fiscal years. We are either struggling to finish projects before the end of the year or wondering how our dwindling budgets will carry us through to the end. If there is anything we don’t need, it’s a security event or breach to add to the stress.
Secure Networkers, LLC

Subnetting is not enough.

It can be very difficult to start solidifying your network security. A great place to start is with VLANs. Yes, they can be tedious. Yes, they do make it more complex. Truthfully, the key to security is layering.
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Upcoming Events
Oct 2019
Registration is now open for the 2019 TML Conference in San Antonio, October 9-11, 2019. Sessions will include a cybersecurity presentation by Bernie Acre and one from Department of Information Resources on the new legislation and resources available.
Apr 2020
Our biggest event every year, the TAGITM Annual Conference, is returning to the San Antonio Riverwalk! Go ahead and mark your calendars for April 14-17, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio and join your state-wide colleagues for a lot of education, fun, laughter and networking.
Sentinel IPS
Client First Consulting Group
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Scientel Soluitions, LLC

Scientel is a universal integration company that offers 360° technology services supporting the dynamic and sophisticated communications, video and data management needs of clients. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our Customers, Partners, Employees and Community. Headquartered outside Chicago with additional offices across the United States, Canada and Europe; Scientel has the capabilities and experience to service international clients across the globe.

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TAGITM Features
By Jeff Havens

America is built on the backs of the so-called "self-made" individual - the penniless immigrant who dies a railroad baron, the intrepid pioneer who tamed the savage West. They dominate our history. Davy Crockett defended the Alamo alone, and Steve Jobs built Apple himself with parts he mined in his own backyard. It’s an idea so deeply rooted in our culture that you might be reluctant to ask for help for fear that it will make you seem incapable of doing things the American way.
Naylor Association Solutions
In the News
By Michael Cooney, IT World

VMware has uncorked a variety of software products and services aimed at letting customers more quickly and securely build and manage hybrid-cloud environments. More apps will be built and deployed in the next five years than in the last 40 to support workloads including analytics and connecting IoT devices, said Kip Colbert, vice president and cloud CTO for VMware, and that will require more expansive hybrid-cloud platform.
By Lucas Mearian, IT News

While blockchain is moving beyond pilot projects and proofs of concept testing in some industries, companies still struggle to justify development spending and continue to have concerns around security, interoperability, bandwidth and regulatory uncertainly. Earlier this month, research firm IDC published its semi-annual blockchain spending guide; it showed blockchain spending this year is forecast to be $2.7 billion, up 80% over 2018.
By Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

When Microsoft extended support for Windows 10 Enterprise and Education - making it much easier for organizations to upgrade the OS just once a year - it simply bowed to a reality that had been in place since the operating system's debut in 2015, according to a company document.
By Liam Tung, ZDnet

Google has removed the hugely popular CamScanner PDF creator Android app from the Google Play Store after learning that it recently started delivering malware. The CamScanner app, which is published by Shanghai-based CC Intelligence, has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play store since it was first made available in 2010.