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Call for Feedback, Plus the Importance of Cybersecurity

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Hello TAGITM folks!

By the time you read this, the board will have completed the annual strategic planning session in Waco. While we have regular board meetings all year, the strategic planning session is where the new, off-the-wall ideas are born. Anything and everything is on the table for discussion about how to make TAGITM an even greater value for our members. I know I said it last month, but I’ll throw it out there again: We love to hear your new ideas and suggestions. The place to send anything you think might make TAGITM a better organization is info@tagitm.org.

Speaking of new things, be sure to read up on the new Texas laws that were recently passed. Specifically, HB3834 relates to a requirement that local government employees complete an annual cybersecurity training program. While I think the majority of us have some kind of training program in place for our users, we now have to make this a priority and adhere to certain guidelines.

I can’t say enough about the positive effects that a good training program will have on your users. Some will whine and complain, but in my experience, the majority will value the knowledge they gain. They will walk away with more technical knowledge, more efficient ways to work, and maybe they’ll think twice before opening that strange attachment. If you can get even a few users to think before they click, that’s a success. While the new law relates specifically to security training, I think it opens the door to offer multiple sessions throughout the year on anything and everything that relates to your operation.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

Scott Joyce

TAGITM President


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