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Members Insider
“Why should I renew my SSPC Membership?” is a question frequently posed considering the upcoming combined organization in January with NACE. Here are the top five reasons to renew: 
The new President of The Society for Protective Coatings, Joyce Wright, reflects back on the 70-year history of SSPC, her own 40-year career in the coatings industry, and the mission and impacts made possible by the historic votes of both SSPC and NACE members to combine and form a new organization. 

Training & Certification Buzz
On June 19, 2006 The Society for Protective Coatings officially announced accreditation with the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The process to become an Accredited Provider (AP) involved a rigorous and extensive set of hands on evaluations performed by The IACET Commission. SSPC committed itself to this process to create a higher level of value to its customers, keeping its members in mind.
SSPC takes great pride in the diverse group of men and women across the globe who serve as instructors for our various training and certification courses. Currently, SSPC is looking for new, qualified individuals to instruct.
SSPC is looking for companies that would be interested in hosting our training courses in 2021. We could not have had such an outstanding training year so far without all our current hosts, and we would love for you to join that group. COVID-19 has set us all back a little, but we are hopeful that we will finish out 2020 strong and 2021 will be even better!  
Those involved in public works, DoD, DoT, municipalities, or other industries tied to government work, should be aware of potential training opportunities with SSPC that are now available through the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.
SSPC has more than 30 different training & certification courses scheduled for August and September!
Standards & Development
The SSPC committees listed below are scheduled to begin periodic review and revision of their associated consensus documents starting in the summer of 2020. If you’d like to join any of the review committees or obtain more information, please contact Aimée Beggs (  Voting memberships on committees close when the first formal ballot of a draft is issued, so act quickly!
The 2020 revisions of the PA Guide,  Protecting Corners, Edges, Crevices and Irregular Steel Geometries by Stripe Coating (SSPC-PA Guide 11), and the SSPC/NACE Joint Standard Practice Corrosion Prevention and Control Planning (SSPC-CPC 1/NACE SP 21412), were released in June 2020.
Around the Industry
SSPC currently has two webinars scheduled this summer; please visit to register: 
To Our Membership and the Corrosion and Coating Community:

What we have seen unfold before our eyes this past month has been traumatic for all of us. It is just one of many examples of oppression and violence that has been perpetrated against men and women of color for decades. 
SSPC was proud to be a part of the Coating Society of the Houston Area (CSHA) Trade Show and Demo Fair on Friday, June 26. While the COVID-19 restrictions in Houston limited the crowd, it was still a great event. 
Regulatory Roundup
Starting on Jan. 1, 2023, NSF International’s NSF 600 (NSF/ANSI/CAN Std. 600) will implement their new health requirement all coatings that come into contact with potable water to meet new lower extraction levels. This new health requirement will impact current coatings and linings, that are manufactured for use with potable water. The impact will be related to new lower extraction levels, with levels of extractables of xylene less than 0.09 mg/L, ethylbenzene less than 0.14 mg/L and toluene of less than 0.06 mg/L, which will be certified for use on potable water structures and components. To learn more about NSF 600, please click here
Upcoming Events
Feb 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses and society as a whole to adapt at a fast and innovative pace over the last few months. No one is certain what the future holds, but we are optimistic that, as we make our way through the rest of 2020, face-to-face meetings will begin again in a safe and effective manner.
Aug 2021
Administered biennially, The DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference is a critical event that fosters an efficient and effective collaborative environment to not only better understand the impact of corrosion on DoD equipment and infrastructure, but also to jointly work toward practical prevention and control solutions.
Chapter Corner

Members of SSPC Brazil Chapter and the CTQFF training center in Brazil have targeted Fall 2020 for the 2nd annual SIPRA Conference. Launched in 2019, this international conference focuses on the protective coatings and anti-corrosion industry in Brazil. Additional updates will follow on the schedule date and the program preview and exhibitor and sponsorship packages for manufacturers, suppliers, and services providers.