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Concrete Coatings Applicator launched along with Spanish language versions of PA-2 and C-1e

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A)  Concrete Coating Application Specialist (CCAS)

Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world after water. With concrete being used in the construction industry now more than ever, the need to protect it from deterioration is becoming especially critical. This course is designed to teach coating applicators the most important details they will use to successfully complete a concrete coating project. Concrete coating project areas commonly include bridges, water/wastewater treatment areas, and nuclear power plant infrastructure. This course will teach applicators how to maintain this vital infrastructure that is critical for sustaining our daily lives. The course includes health and safety, quality control, concrete basics, condition assessment, repair, surface preparation, and coating application. The time has come for us to invest in concrete coating applicators to improve the industry standard one concrete coating project at a time!

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B)  PA-2 now offered in Spanish

Now available exclusively in Mexico, SSPC’s PA-2 course has been translated to Spanish!  Like many of our programs, there is great demand to access the materials in multiple languages. We are working as fast as possible to translate and rollout relevant content based on the demand of our members. If you are looking for translated materials, please contact, or speak to your favorite SSPC staff person and we’ll let you know what is available!

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C)  C1 Online now in Spanish

Recently released online, SSPC’s popular C1 e-course can be taken completely in Spanish!

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