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SSPC Welcomes Newly Certified PCS, MCI and PCI Professionals

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Protective Coating Specialists (PCS)
The SSPC Protective Coating Specialist (PCS) is the highest achievement a coatings professional can earn. Protective Coatings Specialists are coatings professionals who demonstrate a broad depth of knowledge in the protective coatings industry and fulfill many roles on a coatings project including writing specifications, developing work plans, development and review of submittal documents, on-site inspection, quality assurance, failure investigation and repair recommendations. Learn more about PCS certification by clicking here

First Name Last Name Course Cert. Date Organization Member No.  Cert No.
Andrew Jeffrey PCS 2/15/2019 Greenman Pedersen 1237437 2019-215-055
Bonifacio Pangan PCS 2/15/2019 Panco Resources and Engineering Consultancy Services 1277314 2019-215-112
Felipe Naciuk PCS 2/14/2019 Sherwin-Williams 1283287 2019-214-158
Robert  Souchuck PCS 2/14/2019 Champion Specialty Services, Corp. 1298247 2019-214-250
David M. Cornette PCS 2/13/2019 Kelly Industrial Coatings 1309023 2019-213-206
Dustin Kaatz PCS 2/1/2019 Sherwin-Williams Company 1309044 2019-201-225
Jeff Kim PCS 1/21/2019 Sherwin-Williams Company 1288014


Robert A. (Randy) Nixon PCS 1/17/2019 Corrosion Probe, Inc. 1232732



Master Coatings Inspectors (MCI)
The SSPC Master Coatings Inspector program recognizes those individuals whose experience and training has enabled them to earn multiple inspector certifications. In honor of the tremendous personal commitment and dedication to the industry demonstrated by these professionals, SSPC created the MCI program. For more information by clicking here.

First Name Last Name Course Cert. Date Organization Mbr. No.  Cert. No. 
 Peter J.  Engelbert, PCS, MCI MCI 3/19/2019 Level 3 Coating Inspection, LLC 1240008 MCI0034
Robert (Bob)
Murphy MCI 3/18/2019 Sherwin-Williams Company 1231403 MCI0035
 Murray Heywood MCI 3/16/2019 Sherwin-Willaims Protective & Marine Coatings 1292153 MCI0033
 Price A. (Buddy)  Grisso MCi 1/31/2019 KTA-Tator, Inc. 1242086 MCI0032


Protective Coating Inspectors (PCI)
Coating Inspection is one of the most essential functions on the jobsite. Professionals who earn the Protective Coatings Inspector Level 3 certification are recognized leaders on coatings projects and have demonstrated in-depth knowledge in the principles and practices of inspection of industrial coatings. Inspectors have a crucial job on any site and a thoroughly trained/certified individual is an asset to any job.  To get started on your career pathway to SSPC PCI Level 3 click here.

First Name Last Name Course Cert Date Organization Mbr. No.  Cert No. 
Robert (Bob) Murphy PCI Level 3 2/15/2019 Sherwin-Williams Company 1231403 99852
Craig Stempkowski PCI Level 3 2/15/2019 Southern Painting & Blasting, LLC 1303144 102455









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