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Upcoming Classes in the UK

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Elcometer is hosting several SSPC training and certification classes in Manchester, England in 2019.  The programs are outlined below. To register for one of these courses, please click here

Concrete Coating Inspector Program (CCI)
There is no other program in the coatings industry like SSPC’s Concrete Coating Inspector program. With concrete being one of the most widely used materials in the world, proper coating application and maintenance is key. Inspectors have a crucial job on these projects, and a thoroughly trained individual is an enormous asset to the job.  The CCI is the only inspection course that prepares inspectors for the real-world issues that they’ll face on the job site.  Prepare to walk away as a Level 1 or Level 2 certified inspector with a deep understanding of surface preparation and coating application as well as common instruments and tests done before, during and after coating. 

Start Date End Date TrainingEvent Name Registration Deadline
9/9/19 9/13/19 Concrete Coating Inspector Program (CCI) - Elcometer 8/19/19


Protective Coatings Inspector Program (PCI
SSPC’s PCI program is a thorough, intensive, no frills program for specialists seeking a widely recognized, respected and professionally sound coatings inspector certification from an industry leader.  The program is approved by well-known classification societies like Lloyd’s Register, ABS and RINA. Earning a PCI certification can provide significant rewards for professionals, including higher salary potential, stronger employment demand and better job stability. Coatings inspectors are always in demand, with many specifications requiring a full-time PCI inspector on the job site during the surface preparation and coating application phases of a project.  PCI was developed in accordance with “ASTM D3276 Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors” to ensure that students who complete the program have the skills they need to be successful on job sites around the world. PCI is everything you need and nothing you don't!

Start Date End Date Training Event Name Registration Deadline
11/4/19 11/10/19 Protective Coatings INspector Program (PCI)- Elcometer 10/14/19


Using SSPC PA 2 Effectively
If you’ve ever wondered, "What is SSPC PA 2?", the SSPC PA 2 course will provide the answers! Specifically, SSPC PA 2 is the acronym for SSPC’s Paint Application Standard No. 2, Procedure for Determining Conformance to Dry Coating Thickness Requirements. It is one of the most frequently specified standards in the protective coatings industry and covers measurement of dry coatings thickness with magnetic gauges.  The scope of the standard addresses the frequency and acceptability of dry film thickness measurements. In the course, students learn accuracy and operation of PA 2 Gauges and to calculate if a project is in conformance. Become more confident in your inspections by truly understanding the requirements of this very important and widely specified document. If one of your responsibilities is to inspect coating and lining applications on industrial steel structures, this course is for you!

Start Date End Date Training Event Name Registration Deadline
12/3/19 12/3/19 Using SSPC PA 2 Effectively (PA 2) - Elcometer 11/12/19



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