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SSPC’s C7, C12 and CAS Programs Continue Leading the Charge on Craft Worker Certification Programs for the Industrial Protective Coatings Industry

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SSPC has been at the forefront of craftworker certification for more than 20 years, beginning with the groundbreaking Abrasive Blasting Program (C7) that was launched in 1998, continuing with the Spray Application Program (C12) (2006) to the Coating Application Specialist (CAS) program (2007).  Over the years, SSPC has trained and certified more than 20,000 craftworkers around the world.

SSPC has long recognized the need for comprehensive programs that set the standard for a trained and qualified workforce.  Asset owners need programs that can train craftworkers to perform quality work done safely at a reasonable cost. That’s why SSPC worked with NACE to develop the first standard for applicator certification (SSPC ACS-1/NACE 13) in 2007.  As the recognized leader in craftworker training and certification, SSPC was able to tap into its extensive resources to develop the CAS program based on the ACS-1 standard,  and roll it out to protective coating contractors and applicators, a group that we’ve been serving for decades.

As our core constituents and key stakeholders, it’s important that contractors view SSPC as a partner and that programs we develop jointly meet the needs of their companies as much as they do asset owners.  SSPC volunteers and staff are diligent about making certification programs a win-win scenario.

SSPC craftworker certification programs are the first across-the-board standard for industrial painters used throughout the industry, and our long track-record of success and wide acceptance of the programs is proof of that.

 “We developed a great relationship with SSPC, and their dedication to the industrial protective coatings industry is evident in everything they do. We appreciate their attention to detail in their craftworker training as well as their QP programs. At Vigor, we understand the importance of protective coatings when it comes to safeguarding our customer’s assets as well as our own. When we perform work this vital, we knew we had to have the best of the best in accreditation, training and certification. That’s why we turned to the SSPC QP program and craftworker training programs. Being an SSPC QP contractor and having certified craftworkers gives our company and employees the understanding that the critical work must be done according to sound specifications, with correct surface preparation and proper application techniques.” - Gabe Gonzales, Sr. QA Paint Inspector, Vigor Industrial LLC

CAS Quick Facts:

1. CAS was the first professional certification program for industrial painters.

2. The program is designed to certify individual craft workers for industrial blasting and spraying.

3. Craftworkers must have experience and training in all aspects of hands-on surface preparation and coating application to qualify for the program and certification.

4. This certification program meets the requirements of ISO 17024 Qualification of Certification bodies operating certification schemes for persons.

For more information contact Jennifer Merck, Director of Training and Certification at 412-288-6040 or



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