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New Version of SSPC-PA 2 Available from the SSPC Marketplace

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The most frequently downloaded standard from the SSPC Marketplace was revised in 2018 to include a new Appendix (Appendix 10) that describes a procedure for obtaining a greater population of coating thickness measurements using continuous read/scanning probe technology with Type 2 (electronic) gages. Statistical analysis of data suggests that greater precision can be achieved by obtaining a greater population of measurements over a larger area using the scanning method rather than the tradi­tional “place & remove probe” frequency that has been standard protocol for decades. Also, scanning technology enables the gage operator to collect a greater number of measurements in a shorter timeframe than the traditional “place & remove probe” method. Due to the increased number of measurements collected, a better indication of the sample mean is obtained through increased precision. Like the other nine appendices it is non-mandatory, but can be specified by direct reference to Appendix 10. Minor editorial changes were also made in the body of the Standard.

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